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Cyprus Solution Parliamentary Voting Systems

Dominic Freeman, October 8, 2016

According to the North's Diyalog newspaper (07.10.16) the Two Cyprus Presidents have agreed to the formation of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representa...
Akfinan Bank Limited v Kulaksiz 5 Appeal Finally Heard

Pauline Ann Read, October 5, 2016

I am happy to report that the long awaited Appeal lodged by Akfinans Bank Limited was heard today.Akfinans Bank Limited appealed the decision of the lower court that their mort...
South's President Says North Doesn't Need Turkey's Protection

Dominic Freeman, October 2, 2016

The President of South Cyprus, says that “no modern state in the European Union, or elsewhere, is in need of third-party guarantees.” This, coming from a country which still fl...
Charge Me Double I'm Drinking Turkish Water!

Natalie Nightingale, October 1, 2016

As expected as the effects of transferring water from Turkey, plus the privatisation of the TRNC water system, hits the billing system the cost of water has doubled or more. Prices...
Cyprus Today - 1st October 2016

Dominic Freeman, October 1, 2016

Having got hold of a copy of today's Cyprus Today I decided to do a one off review of its contents. As usual the majority of the articles had either appeared elsewhere online, were...
UK Authorities To Take Gary Robb TRNC Property Victim Cash

Dominic Freeman, September 28, 2016

According to North of England online newspaper Chronicle Live, the £1.5m that Gary Robb tried to transfer from North Cyprus to Thailand, but was intercepted by the National Crime ...
TRNC Government Invests in Mercedes Cars Instead of Health Care

Dominic Freeman, September 27, 2016

The National Unity Party-Democratic Party coalition decided that two million TL (£500,000) was needed to be spent on 17 Mercedes E-class cars for the President, PM, 10 ministers a...
Thank you to Karsiyaka Turtle Watch

Maggie Daniel, September 26, 2016

Many on the island are aware of SPOT (the Society for the Protection of Turtles - who care for the island's turtles in so many ways but perhaps not ...

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