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Auction Cancelled For Aphrodite 2 Only

Dominic Freeman, June 18, 2016

According to Cyprus Today (18.06.16) the good news is that the Auction has been cancelled. The bad news is that this auction which was called as a result of the builder's original ...
Yakin Dogu Bank Auctioning Property Victims Homes

Pauline Ann Read, June 16, 2016

WITHOUT PREJUDICEANOTHER AUCTION....THIS TIME Yakin Dogu Bank (near East Bank) are the culprits.Well I have already mentioned this...but here we go again, this time it is t...
Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 | The Appeal Has Been Adjourned

Pauline Ann Read, June 15, 2016

WITHOUT PREJUDICEKulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank LimitedRemember....below is the decision that AKFINANS BANK LIMITED are appealing. They have had since the 4th December to get...
NCFP Poll - Should UK Leave the EU?

Dominic Freeman, June 13, 2016

I suppose that by now we have all had time to listen to both sides of the argument for either leaving or staying in the EU. Perhaps listened to the lies would have been more accura...
Akfinan Bank v Kulaksiz 5 - Appeal on 13th June 2016

Pauline Ann Read, June 12, 2016

Without PrejudiceWith so much happening in my life of late, I had almost forgotten that on: Monday 13th June 2016, the long awaited Appeal by Akfinans Bank Limited against the ...
South Bans Turkish Airline Euro 2016 TV Adverts

Dominic Freeman, June 11, 2016

Sports journalist Georgios Kyprianou said that the South's Foreign Ministry has decided to block Turkish Airlines adverts when they are shown during the Euro 2016 games. He said th...
Lefkosia Does Not Want Expensive Turkish Water

Dominic Freeman, June 10, 2016

The Halkin Sesi newspaper (09.06.16) reported that the city council of the Lefkosia Turkish municipality had rejected using water transferred from Turkey. Rather than rejecting it ...
Pauline Read - Goodbye To Agile

Pauline Ann Read, June 6, 2016

WITHOUT PREJUDICEFor those of you who are not already aware, my Agile Chris passed away on 25th May 2016. Cancer achieved what Akfinans Bank Limited failed to.I will never ...

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