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Pauline's Opinion - My View Of Asil Nadir

Pauline Ann Read, April 23, 2016

WITHOUT PREJUDICEIt seems that some in north Cyprus are celebrating Mr Nadir being transferred from his UK jail to a prison in Turkey to serve the residue of his sentence. Now,...
Asil Nadir Released From UK Prison Returns To North Cyprus

Dominic Freeman, April 22, 2016

Asil Nadir has been released from Belmarsh Prison and is currently being held at Silivri Prison in Istanbul. It is expected that he will then travel on to North Cyprus where he wil...
North Cyprus Law - Is Justice For Foreigners Possible?

Property Victim, April 20, 2016

Is Justice For Foreigners Possible In The Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus? He laughed in my face!‘‘There isn’t a court in this country that would support a foreigner...
North Cyprus Tourist Attractions - Salamis Near Famagusta

Natalie Nightingale, April 17, 2016

As the North Cyprus tourism season warms up we thought we would point out some of the tourist attractions worth visiting. One of the most popular North Cyprus Tourist Attractions i...
North Cyprus Road Safety The Worse In Europe

Natalie Nightingale, April 14, 2016

According to the TRNC Insurance Association, 41,554 cars were reported as having a road accident in North Cyprus in 2015. Of these, 24 crashes were fatal, resulting in the deaths o...
Law Passed to Allow Cremation in the South

Natalie Nightingale, April 10, 2016

A bill legalising cremation in south Cyprus was finally passed on Thursday after years of campaigning to bring about this change. The main objection had come from the Church of Cyp...
Beware of Sharks in North Cyprus

Natalie Nightingale, April 9, 2016

Well, OK, the original story is about a 1.5 meter shark being spotted off the coast of north Cyprus; probably the fairly harmless Dogfish Shark. A video of the appearance of the sh...
Citizens Advice Cyprus Appears To Have Closed Down

Pauline Ann Read, April 8, 2016

It would seem that as predicted, the owner of Citizens Advice Cyprus has allegedly left north Cyprus and has returned to the UK. If you go to Kibkom you will see clients who are ve...

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