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Cyprus Today's Greatstone Lapta 2 Site Auction Article

Pauline Ann Read, April 24, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE I have to admit, I do not know anymore about these situations than which you can read here from Cyprus Today (22.4.17.) A good friend of mine is flying out ...
Is the North Cyprus Banking System Up To Modern EU Standards?

Peter Wright, April 17, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE We have to accept that north Cyprus is so far behind the standard of normal banking practices that it would be comical if it were not so serious. For instan...
North Cyprus Goverment Promises to Help Olive Grove

Tim Smith, April 16, 2017

The leading story in Cyprus Today is that Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş has promised to save the Olive Grove homes! The Olive Grove homeowners have replied "Thank you M...
Greatstone Auction in North Cyprus on 7th May 2017

Pauline Ann Read, April 16, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE "Support needed to fight against Auction of our houses if this goes ahead some people will be evicted from there only home even though they have paid over a £...
Cyprus Today - Sedar Denktas Promises Olive Grove Help

Pauline Ann Read, April 15, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE The plight of the home owners at Olive Grove apparently appears in Cyprus Mr Serdar Denktas is said to have vowed to help the victims at Olive...
North Cyprus Kyrenia Court Decide to Halt Olive Grove Auction

Tim Smith, April 12, 2017

The Kyrenia Court today decided the Olive Grove auction should NOT go ahead on Sunday in a move that will give hope to many property owners in North Cyprus. Now Koop Bank face a...
Koop Bank Olive Grove Homes Auction on 16th April 2017

Pauline Ann Read, April 5, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE Almost the 11th hour and after years of silence by these victims, we receive this e mail, the identity of the sender is protected. If this is true then you can...
Veni Vici Restaurant in Lapta in North Cyprus

Maggie Daniel, March 25, 2017

It has been far too long since we ate in Veni Vici and we happened to go in there at 6pm. Between 5 -7pm they still have their Earlybird Menu which is excellent value. Two courses ...

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