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Cyprus Property – Title Deed Event in the South

5Ws and 1H plan Cyprus Property   Title Deed Event in the SouthNigel Howarth of Cyprus Property News fame has organised a ‘Title Deed Event’ in the south, at the Technopolis 20 Cultural Centre in Paphos, which aims to focus on the government’s efforts to release blocked title deeds.

Apparently, the event has ‘sold out’ and there are now no seats available for the 4th December 2014 lecture by Andreas Symeou, former senior officer with the Department of Lands and Surveys. The lecture is entitled, ‘The Title Deeds Problem: Efforts for accelerating their issuing and complications because of the economic crisis.’ After the lecture there will be an open discussion on the issues faced in obtaining deeds for property purchased in the south and how to deal with them.

For those who remember the events in 2005 which led to the foundation by the north’s government of the useless Property Complaints Office (PCO) in April 2007, you will be interested to know that, as happened then, confidential questionnaires will be handed out and the information collected will be used to formulate proposals to solve the problem and which will be put to the south’s government. However, the true effectiveness of the Home Buyers Pressure Group (HBPG) in September 2005¹ came from a threat to protest outside the north’s parliament buildings. Unfortunately the government of the time were let off the hook when they set up the time wasting Property Complaints Office which collected several hundred complaints which were then ignored and the office eventually closed down via being downgraded to the Property Information Office.

Nigel Howarth is reported as saying that he believes ‘hidden mortgages’ are the key issue that the government must address.

“A number of property development companies have already gone into liquidation as a result of the economic meltdown and collapse of the property market. Liquidators, acting on behalf of the banks, have ‘requested’ those who have purchased property from those developers to pay a ‘contribution’ towards repaying the developer’s debt.”

He also said that one of island’s banks was being particularly aggressive in approaching purchasers demanding money in exchange for the bank dropping any claim they might have on a property, an action Howarth calls ‘legalised extortion’.

“These people have already paid for their homes in full and the problem is totally due to the banks’ mismanagement; why should these people be expected to pay for the banks’ incompetence in running their businesses? While opposition parties play political games in parliament by delaying the implementation of the long-awaited foreclosures law, the banks are trying to grab every penny they can get from these vulnerable people.”

I hope that the event leads to more success than the useless PCO, and that the event’s organisers pin the government down to a ‘5W and a 1H plan‘. Without the government stating Who will do What and Why and Where and When this will happen and How it will be undertaken their response to complaints cannot be monitored and nothing will get done, I believe.



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North Cyprus News | Syrian Refugees Rescued off Esentepe

5929622407 dd7f0033e3 150x112 North Cyprus News | Syrian Refugees Rescued off EsentepeMore information about the Syrian refugees rescued off the coast of north Cyprus.

“218 Syrian refugees set off from Mersin 3 days ago. Each one paid 6,000 dollars to an organised human trafficker, who put them on a cargo ship, destined to Italy. Yesterday afternoon, the ship suffered a technical problem, subsequently the captain and the crew left the ship and disappeared on a speedboat. The ship drifted to the coast of Esentepe, and was anchored by the Turkish Cypriot coast guard at about 9 pm last night. Later on, the ship was towed into Kyrenia port, and the refugees were rescued by the civil defence; taken to hospital and eventually to a sports hall, where they were fed,clothed and sheltered ! I went there this morning, provided food, toys and water, and asked them what else we could do. The answer contained no hesitation, “send us to Turkey” . So, Akgünler very kindly provided a ferry, and we sent them to Mersin at 14.00 hrs today! A total disgrace to humanity!” Fikri Toros on Facebook

There is also more about this story on the Daily Sabah¹ website.

Also, there was an interesting video on the Al Jazeera ² website investigating the current state of the Cyprus Talks.




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North Cyprus Law – Citizenship Law Update ‘Limping Along’

santas 150x99 North Cyprus Law   Citizenship Law Update Limping AlongWITHOUT PREJUDICE

So the changes to the Citizenship law that will, we are informed, help the victims of Aga Development Limited obtain their title deeds is still limping along.

Other factors allegedly have caused the delay. Not least the BRS delaying the submission of questions with regard to the white card situation also linked to the Citizenship law.

Well the good news is, the bill is expected to be put before Parliament in December. Yes I know, the same month Father Christmas allegedly comes down our chimneys. I believe in Father Christmas but I am not so sure about the other thing.

Be reassured though, my sources tell me that it is only a delay not a cancellation.

“Dear Father Christmas,

Can you please consider my wish list:

  1. The deeds to all the villas at Amaranta Valley so that I can distribute them to all the purchasers
  2. My money back for my villa in Karsiyaka.
  3. Make Agile well again.
  4. World peace.

Many thanks and lots of love Pauline, I have been very good this year and not had even one new Libel Writ.”

I personally think Santa is more likely to grant my wishes than the TRNC Government are to help even one property victim.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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NCFP Technology | Never Use The Same Password Twice

3303542092 7d122e38ec 150x99 NCFP Technology | Never Use The Same Password TwiceWITHOUT PREJUDICE

This is just a reminder to be careful when you receive unusual files from someone you know. I received an email yesterday with some files attached for me. It was from someone who, although I have very little contact with, could indeed have been sending me files relating to K5.

Fortunately these files were sent in such a way I could not open them. I replied to the purported sender of the email, only to be told he had been hacked and to destroy the email. The scary thing is, if they had been sent in another format, I might well have opened them and infected my system.

What often happens is that many people use the same password for many if not all their accounts, including email accounts. The weak point in this approach is often a forum with poor security is attacked and the user database compromised. The hacker then tries out the forum password with the email address given to the forum and is often able to log into the users email account. They can then do many things including asking for new passwords to be sent to them and of course email everyone in the address book. The answer is not to use the same password twice.

So to all of you out there I say. Beware and be very aware, there are some people out there more ‘sick’ than any of the viruses they send out.

Never give in never give up.

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North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 22/11/2014

cyprus today weekend 150x27 North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today   22/11/2014

Much of the news here is a repeat of articles over the last few weeks with a little added. There are also several trivial articles which are, at best, fillers.


Tourism at risk from cutbacks – an extension of last week’s Lapta Festival cuts. They needed 27m TL, they asked for 20m TL and it looks like they’re getting 17m TL.

Turtle nesting numbers drop – surprise, surprise! The blame for the 67% drop being placed on the long overdue ‘Peace Water’ project.

Ercan strike on the cards – deja vu, again.

TRNC pilgrims head to Hala Sultan – in Larnaca as part of the Islamic New Year celebrations.


Expats who lost savings seek expert legal advice – after the collapse of LMIM left an estimated 70 of them out of pocket after they were given poor investment advice. However, they are not seeking redress from the adviser but instead from the bankrupt LMIM organisation. Editor: that’ll work surely, NOT!

TRNC ‘losing confidence’ – in its government.

Workers end hunger strike – after two days because the ex-CTA workers are promised government jobs ‘next year’.

‘Recognition by Russia relevant’ – says TRNC President Eroglu. Editor: it would be if it were on offer.


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North Cyprus Elections – Sibel Siber Says She Will be President

Sibel Siber 107x150 North Cyprus Elections   Sibel Siber Says She Will be PresidentAccording to the Yeni Duzen newspaper (21.11.14) Sibel Siber, Speaker of the TRNC Assembly, is quoted as saying “I will be elected on the first round of the April 2015 presidential elections.”

She is the presidential candidate of the Republican Turkish Party (UBP) and she believes that she will be elected outright as the TRNC president in the first round of the April 2015 presidential elections. She explained that people will vote for her because they were looking for change and needed “clear and trustworthy politics for the country”.

She said that she would have two major roles to fulfill,  being the President of the TRNC as well as the leader of the Turkish Cypriot community and would not only focus on the Cyprus negotiations but will also deal with internal issues.

Looks like she believes that Kudret Özersay’s rise to fame and power will soon be at an end and so back to the lecture hall for him if this were true. It will be interesting to see what the candidates say they are going to do to change the TRNC for the better. We’ve had a lot of talk about corruption but so far neither of these candidates have come out and exposed the actions of those supposedly breaking the law. Why wait six months, why not start now and show they mean business? Obviously the answer is that after the elections it will be business as usual, in my opinion.

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North Cyprus Property Victims | NCA v Gary Robb

robb 150x93 North  Cyprus Property Victims | NCA v Gary RobbYou will recall I wrote about the NCA v Gary Robb back in June and at that time the date for the case was not known.¹

Within this blog were the details on how to join the case, I have no idea anyone did or if their applications to join were successful.

The case will commence on Tuesday 2nd December 2014.

It is hard to believe one man with the collaboration of many Turkish Cypriots wreaked so much havoc in the lives of so many innocent victims.

The above is just one avenue being pursued by his hapless victims. You will recall that many are waiting, and waiting and waiting on the TRNC government to amend the Citizenship law and in doing so, they say, help the victims. This was scheduled to be before the Parliament in September, it is now late November and still they are waiting. If there is anything the TRNC excel at, it is delaying tactics.

The case that is allegedly lodged with Washington court is still, I am told, awaiting a hearing.

I did hear of a case put to the ECHR under its pilot scheme, and this allegedly was thrown out.

How much more are the victims of Gary Robb going to have to endure?

Indeed how much more are all property victims in the TRNC going to have to endure?

Never give in never give up.



Pauline Read


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NCFP Website is Being Updated

mal NCFP Website is Being UpdatedThe NCFP Website is Being Updated but rather than making it unavailable during the update we are leaving it running. There may be a few problems as this is a major change to make the site more adaptable and to remove a lot of out-dated coding.

The site may even return to the old style while changes are made so please be patient. If you notice things are not working as they should feel free to use the [FEEDBACK] button on the left hand side of the site and tell us what’s wrong.

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North Cyprus Forums | What Makes a Good Forum?

cyprus44 broke North Cyprus Forums | What Makes a Good Forum?

I have just done a trawl of Cyprus Forums resulting in my usual yawns at their contents. Love it or hate it Cyprus44 was a much loved forum, the sheer number of forum members and their commitment over many years was testimony to its success. Sadly there are no longer any forums that match the variety of topics, discussions and wealth of information that C44 offered.

I feel that some of the existing forums suffer from being too cliquey, their users being so like minded that if one person happens to have a different outlook they are ostracised. Lively debate, lots of different opinions and a variety of topics are in my opinion what make a good forum. Not the same stuff over and over again. There is also a problem with over moderation and moderators being so biased that all interesting debate is stifled.

What in your opinion makes a good forum?

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