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Realistic Property Roadmap Key To Permanent Peace In Cyprus

Ipek Ozerim, July 29, 2017

If property is the lynchpin of a permanent peaceful solution to the long-running Cyprus Conflict, then the framework and criteria the leaders present to their respective communitie...
The Auction of Greatstone Site in Lapta Went Ahead as Planned

Pauline Ann Read, July 15, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE The Auction of Greatstone site in Lapta went ahead as planned as as Serdar Denktas was conveniently in Switzerland. The only reason these homeowners live to...
Akfinans Bank v K5 - Read Before Deciding To Buy in the TRNC

Pauline Ann Read, June 30, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE When I signed the Contract of Sale for my villa I really had no idea what lay ahead, a British trained advocate acting for me who assured me she would not part...
Cyprus Today - Greatstone Auction on 8th July 2017

Pauline Ann Read, June 17, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE The agony drags on. It seems according to Cyprus Today's offering that the auction of the Greystone site will take place on the 8th July 2017 and despite the m...
KIB-TEK Cut Off Government Electricity Supply

Dominic Freeman, May 26, 2017

Hundreds of government offices in north Cyprus have had their electricity supply cut off because they have not paid their electricity bills for five months, according to Cyprus Mai...
Cyprus Today | Koop Bank Olive Grove Deal - 13/5/2017

Pauline Ann Read, May 14, 2017

Without Prejudice It seems things have moved on a little in this ongoing saga and Mr Serdar Denktas is alleged to have brokered a deal with the state owned Koop Bank. The wor...
Cyprus Today - Property Victims Offered 'Friendly Agreement'

Pauline Ann Read, May 7, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE The article below is from today's copy of the English language newspaper Cyprus Today. And so the angst, anxiety and stress continues for owners on both sit...
Cyprus Today - Greatstone Auction Cancelled

Pauline Ann Read, April 29, 2017

WITHOUT PREJUDICE The sagas of Olive Grove and Greatstone chunters on and as is usual in the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption, the mental torture of those awaiting th...

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