North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 26th August 2023

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 26th August 2023The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 26th August 2023 has once again reverted to political complaints. Let’s have some news that doesn’t make us worried about living in the North.


‘HYPOCRISY OF THE UN’ – THE United Nations has been accused of applying double standards in Cyprus after its heavy-handed reaction to the construction of a road that aims to improve the quality of life for Turkish Cypriots living in the isolated village of Pile. Editor: Yes, force the UN to remove the Greek speaking Cypriots’ buildings on the buffer zone. Oh, wait a minute, there aren’t any. It’s a buffer zone to keep the two sides apart.

TRNC, Türkiye condemn US arms embargo decision – THE TRNC and Türkiye have condemned the recent US decision to lift its arms embargo on the Greek Cypriot administration for another year.


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