North Cyprus Free Press | Top 10 Articles of 2013

North Cyprus Free Press | Top 10 Articles of 2013North Cyprus Free Press – Top 10 Articles of 2013

Over the past 12 months North Cyprus Free Press has expanded its readership, particularly for articles not originally intended for the newspaper. As you can see from the Top 10 articles of 2013, seen below, some are quite old, some are part of NCFP marketing operations and some were one-off articles in response to specific UK based issues, e.g. the DVLA scam.

  1. Travelodge Discount Code
    This advert has been particularly successful for NCFP, and has been in the Google Top 10 for 6 months for the keyword ‘Travelodge Discount Code’ [80,470 pageviews]
  2. North Cyprus Property For Sale
    This was one of the free adverts for a 3-bed villa in Alsancak on sale for £160000.  [4,301 pageviews]
  3. Forum
    A bit of an argument on NCFP’s mainly unused forum [4,176 pageviews]
  4. Asda Discount Code
    This is another advert which was read more times than most articles we published. [3,923 pageviews]
  5. North Cyprus Forums Fight to Replace Cyprus44
    A very old article written after Cyprus44 closed down and several forums fought to replace it. [3,587 pageviews]
  6. DVLA Driving Licence Scam
    An article written after a website scam was notified to NCFP. [3,053 pageviews]
  7. How Much Does it Cost to-Live in North Cyprus
    A very old article about the costs of living in North Cyprus which might now even be nearer the truth since the Turkish Lira slumped. [2,955 pageviews]
  8. Pauline Read Attacks the Love Group
    A recent article which drew a great number of comments, and controversy. [2,930 pageviews]
  9. Cyprus Talks Coming to an End Forever
    A more recent view that the current talks were make or break and that another opportunity for a solution was unlikely. [2,927 pageviews]
  10. Ozgun Kutalmis Victims’ Election Candidate
    A journalist, supporter of North Cyprus Property Victims, stands for election to the TRNC parliament but failed to get a seat. [2,763 pageviews]

2013 resulted in 96,504 unique visitors reading 1,480,854 NCFP pages over the year. 65% of our readers are from the UK, 15% from the south (or Multimax in the north), 8% from the north or Turkey, 4% from the US and 1% or less for the rest of the other 160 countries we have readers in.

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