Money Art | December 2013 USA Market View

Money Art – December 2013 USA market view

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STOCKS.  In the 1-month category, the best three stocks are PBYI @ 117%, IDRA @ 105% and ORMP @ 86%.

A stock trading on NYSE, PBYI belongs to the Healthcare sector, Biotechnology industry.  With 49 employees, this Los Angeles, USA based development stage biopharmaceutical company, engages in the acquisition, development and licensing of products for the treatment of various forms of cancer.

The stock price went up because of positive top data line for its medicine and because its breast cancer drugs passed the trial milestone.  Also, the company approved a salary increase for its Vice President in recognition for his success.

The top three stocks in the 3-month category are ARCW @ 294%, FONR @ 267% and JRJC @ 267%.

The best three stocks in the 12-month category are AAMC @ 1,185%, CSIQ @ 811% and CNIT @ 661%.

Three stocks with the biggest 1-month decline are ENZN @ –30%, SPPR @ –42% and LTON @ –52%.

In the “What’s hot, what’s not” category, the five hottest stocks are TCX, ELMD, CUDA, XLRN and BOSC; the five least hot stocks are UNXL, PZE, ADUS, ASTM and GYRO.

SECTORS.  52 industry sectors out of 182 are in green territory.

The top three winners are Biofuels, Building – Residential & Commercial and Communications Infrastructure.  The three bottom sectors are Banks Foreign, Oil – US Royalty Trusts and REIT – Equity Trust Retail.

MUTUAL FUNDS.  The top performers this month are two of the Mobile Telecommunications Ultrasector @ 10%, two of the Semiconductor Ultrasector Profunds @ 7.7% and Cambiar Aggressive Value Fund Investor @ 7.5%.

EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS.  The best three ETFs this month are Direxion Gold Mine @ 7.81%, Junior Gold Miners ETF Market Vectors @ 3.1% and Global Gold Miners MSCI iShares @ 2.2%.

FUTURES.  The top contracts are: (Currencies) Swiss Franc @ 1.99%, (Energies) Ethanol @ 11.22%, (Financials) 30-day Fed Funds @ –0.01%, (Grains) Oats @ 6.86%, (Indices) DJIA Mini-sized @ 3.07%, (Meats) Milk @ 2.82%, (Metals) Copper @ 5.98% and (Softs) Cotton @ 6.67%.

INDEXES.  The best three indexes are S&P Telecommunication Services @ 7.35%, S&P Consumer Staples @ 6.13% and DOW Transportations @ 5.97%.

DOW Jones Industrial Average finished up @ 3.05% this month.


            Relevant in December were titles like: “Nobel prize economist warns of US stock market bubble”, “Short gold until it hits $1,000 trader says”, “Millennials may not be able to afford retirement essentials”, “Can the US economy recover without asset bubbles?”, “American workers need higher wages and mobility: Jason Furman”, “Why the NASDAQ may be hitting the law of large numbers”, “The stock market is ‘shrinking’ despite record high Indexes”, “Nobel economics winner Fama says risk of global recession in 2014”, “Here’s why history favors another good year for stocks in 2014”, “Tech giants issue call for Gov’t surveillance of users”, “The myth of America’s decline: why the ‘declinists’ are wrong (again)”, “Twitter shares outpace Facebook and LinkedIn”, “How to keep workers unemployed”, “’Upstairs’ and off-limits: why the fastest growing area of trading is unfair”, “DOW 20,000: coming sooner than expected, Seth Masters says”, “Americans have never been so wealthy: really?”, “Average American inheritance: $177,000”, “Why Bitcoin Inventor ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Is The Most Impressive Person Of 2013”, “DOW, S&P500 end at record highs after Fed trims stimulus (Dec. 18)”, “How much of Santa’s elves need to retire?”, “Gold heads for biggest annual loss in 32 years”, “DOW, S&P hit fresh highs on US economic growth (Dec. 20)”, “Get ready for a volatile 2014”, “DOW, S&P hit record highs (Dec. 23)”, “Why 2014 could be worse for gold”, “DOW close to best year since 1996 (Dec. 26)”, “Unemployment benefits to end”, “Big year ends with Wall Street hopeful for 2014”, “Americans on wrong side of income gap run out of means to cope”, “Wall St. closes mostly flat but DOW hits record (Dec. 30)”, which are self-explanatory.

money art-2

2013, the year that was

STOCKS.  The best three stocks are AAMC @ 1,123%, CSIQ @ 811% and CNIT @ 661%.

A stock trading on NYSE MKT, AAMC is not indexed on any sector or industry.

With 5 employees, this company headquartered in Frederiksted, USA Virgin Islands provides asset management and corporate governance services in United States.

The company offers its services under a residential asset management agreement to Altisource Residential Corporation, which acquires and owns single-family rental assets.  It also provides title insurance and reinsurance services.

The stock price went up making analysts say its ascent is almost without reason.

The company management must have done something good for the stock to go up to the very top of winning stocks in 2013 and we shall probably find out what it was when lawsuits for big losses begin.

Three stocks with the biggest 1-year decline are UVXY @ –93%, NUGT @ –94% and PGRX @ –97%.

In the “What’s hot, what’s not” category, the five hottest stocks are TCX, ADEP, CMGE, JRJC and RVLT; the five least hot stocks are NGB, PENN, GYRO, ASTM and TZOO.

The stock market monthly performance list is as follows:

January            246%

February            76%

March              118%

April                  94%

May                 113%

June                    83%

July                  160%

August              102%

September       183%

October             62%

November         80%

December        117%

Total           1,434%

SECTORS.  151 industry sectors out of 183 are in green territory.

The top three winners in 2013 are Internet – Content, IT Services and Lasers – Systems & Components.

The three bottom sectors are Mining – Silver, ETFs – Metals, and ETFs – Precious Metals.

MUTUAL FUNDS.  The top performers this year are Ultra Japan Profund Investor Class @ 115%, Ultra Japan Profund Service Class @ 112% and Biotechnology Ultrasector Profund Invest @ 97%.

EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS.  The best three ETFs this year are Airline ETF @ 49%, Monthly 2X Next Gen Internet @ 39% and Monthly 2X ISE Cloud Comput @ 38%.

FUTURES.  The top contracts are: (Currencies) Euro FX @ 3.77%, (Energies) Gasoline @ 10.04%, (Financials) 2-year Note @ 0.59%, (Grains) Soybean Meal @ 11.11%, (Indices) E-mini Nasdaq 100 @ 39.89%, (Meats) Feeder Cattle @ 6.15%, (Metals) Palladium @ 2.35% and (Softs) Cocoa @ 18.35%.

INDEXES.  The best three indexes are S&P Consumer Discretionary @ 48%, S&P Small cap 600 @ 42% and DOW Transportations @ 41%.

DOW Jones Industrial Average finished up @ 28% this year, while S&P500 gained 31%.


            Relevant in 2013 are titles like: “Wall St. ends best year since 1990’s with moderate gains” and “S&P500 index has its best year since 1997”.  However, the general view can be summarized in an article titled: “The biggest financial news stories in 2013”.

The article is in fact what I try to achieve with my monthly reports, but different from the biggest news stories, I look for the biggest winners every month and every year.

What caught my attention in that article is the fact that all the main articles I have read throughout 2013 and liked have been included in it.

The paragraph about global warming and extreme weather reminded me of what I have been saying for the past 5-6 years, which is this: climate changes occurred many times during Earth’s history but never did Earth accommodate seven billion people and exploding fauna before to influence the patterns which allowed humanity to swell to more and more numbers and fauna to explode to the detriment of flora, two dangers which never existed in the past at the same time like it is at present, influence which only now begins to work against the very planet feeding us.

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