North Cyprus Property Victims | Pauline Read False Rumours

North Cyprus Property Victims | Pauline Read False RumoursWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – Pauline Read False Rumours

It seems no matter how I try, I cannot convince some that I am not a prostitute, a liar, a thief, a paid Agent Provocateur for the ROC, a money launderer, evil, very rich and now it seems that just before going on my trip to the UK I put the villa at K5 (which has never been in my name) into the name of an Advocate. You just have to laugh at how shallow and unfulfilled some people’s lives are that they have to invent a very interesting one for someone who does not even know them. Clearly my life is of greater interest to them than their own.

It is true that the villa at 5 Demokrasi Sokak that I still consider to be my possession is in the name of an Advocate, according to information supplied by the Bank. I had nothing to do with that, the Bank arranged it and the Girne Bank Manager, as far as I am aware, still weekends in my villa. The Advocate was a Director of the Bank at the same time as the former Finance Minister. I have never met this Advocate and certainly had no part in the transfer of my villa into his name.

The person who says, with confidence that she knows I put the villa at K5 into the name of an Advocate also claims she has not followed the case and is not interested. Another poor soul suffering from P.S. (Pinocchio Syndrome)

“K5 v Akfinan Bank | 28/1/2013 Hearing Feedback
Monday, January 28, 2013 by Anon

We arrived at the court at 9.15 am. Thank you to all the supporters who came to give their support.

Despite being told that the proceedings would kick off at 10.30 a.m the actual start time was nearer 11.50 am. In the interim time, some time seemed to be spent in chambers too.

There were some exchanges between opposing sides but then the entering of evidence began, written evidence that is. The opposing Advocate Mr Kursat examined the evidence but did not appear to challenge it.

I did hear the mention of the name Mustafa Guner (the person whose name Pauline Read’s villa is now in) although it it not he who weekends there, it is Ertu Kader and his family who do that.

Verbal exchanges that went on between the opposing advocates continued as the evidence was accepted by the Judge.

After the hearing we were told that the opposing side did not challenge the suggestion that Bob French would give evidence on behalf of the K5 and were not insisting on Powers of Attorney from each of the petitioners to allow him to do this.

The case is adjourned until the 11th February 2013 when the rest of the paper evidence will be submitted to the court by both sides..

It is not expected that that Mr Bob French will be giving verbal evidence until the hearing following the 11th February hearing.

It was interesting that Pauline Read was told, by someone who is not fee payer, that this is not the main case but is a hearing whereby the objective is to annul the auction, annul the court order that gave the Bank the repossession order and in effect to put the situation back to the status quo whereby the the property and land are all in the landowner’s name. If this is achieved then the main case will take place. One has to wonder why someone who is not a fee payer would be better informed than someone who is a fee payer? When asked about this, the same person advised Pauline to rely on her own research. Now why would she need to do that when she has paid for the right to know what is going on and he most certainly has not.

Never give in never give up.

Anon. “

It would seem that love me or hate me, they will not ignore me and I so wish they would, my advice to them is ‘get a life of your own’ or see a shrink.

Pauline Ann Read

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