Cyprus Problem | President Anastasiades Wants His Solution

Cyprus Problem | President Anastasiades Wants His SolutionCyprus Problem – President Anastasiades Wants His Solution

President Anastasiades in his New Year message said:

“We are interested not to have a deadlock. We are interested in arriving at a solution. We are interested in reuniting our common country.”

Within those few carefully chosen words are two potentially conflicting statements, “we are interested in..a solution” and “reuniting our common country.” The ‘we’ and ‘our’ in the statement refers to the government in the south, in my opinion. It is what the south wants; a solution where the island of Cyprus once again becomes a Greek Cypriot majority government with the power to decide what happens to Turkish Cypriots and the Turks of Cyprus. It may be the solution the south wants but it isn’t a solution to the Cyprus Problem because the majority of voters in the north will reject it. More importantly, the north’s negotiators will fight for this solution not to be put in a referendum for its inevitable rejection.

Just to rub it in that mainland Turks are not welcome in a United Cyprus, Anastasiades is quoted in the Cyprus Mail as saying:

“The precondition is a solution to the Cyprus problem that will end occupation and colonisation, rid Cyprus of foreign troops and foreign dependence, and restore and ensure the inalienable human rights and basic freedoms of all legal citizens.”

A ‘legal citizen’, I believe Anastasiades is inferring, will be those the south’s majority government deems acceptable; in other words not mainland Turk settlers, but instead new citizens such as the Chinese who have bought property in the south in exchange for citizenship.

That’s why I believe there will never be a settlement, particularly if the most pro-settlement politician in the south cannot accept two separate states in Cyprus.

It didn’t help that the New Year presidential broadcast on the government TV, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC), started with the opening seconds of an old New Year’s message from the country’s former leader so the transmission had to be halted while the correct recording was found.

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