UK Consumer News | DVLA Driving Licence Scam

UK Consumer News – DVLA Driving Licence Scam

There is a perfectly legal DVLA Driving Licence Scam taking place online, targeting first time driving licence applicants like my victim grandson and the elderly renewing their licences.  It’s similar to the advert selling a simple legal device guaranteed to cut your fuel bills in half.

In the case of the DVLA Driving Licence Scam, it starts with an innocent UK Google search for ‘DVLA’,  for example. At the top of the search results is a paid advert which when you click it takes you to with the explanation that this is an ‘Online Driving Licence – Driving Licence Application Service‎ – Apply Online, Safely & Securely.’ The problem is that thousands of people assume that this means that they are paying to apply for a driving licence and not, if they read the complete explanation of the service later, for an application form to be filled in for them using the details supplied. The price of £50 for a licence seems good but for a filled in application form this is ridiculous and should be a clue that the layout of the website, from first link to completion, is confusing

So, What Can You Do if You Got Scammed?

If you realise within 7 days that you’ve been scammed by the DVLA Driving Licence Scam, the form will take longer than that to arrive, then you have a 7-day cooling off period. Firstly, inform the company BY EMAIL that you have changed your mind and want your money back, citing the 7 day cooling off period. You may get a reply and it will probably tell you that you aren’t going to get your money back, but don’t phone them, it’ll cost you another fortune. Your next step is to forward the email to the Trading Standards and they’ll provide you with a template letter to send the company – apparently it works. However, if you waited longer than 7 days then you’re only left with hoping the DVLA Driving Licence Scam application form doesn’t arrive, unlikely, or there is something wrong with it, probably your fault.

Oh, by the way, the device that cuts your fuel bills in half is a pair of scissors!

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