Cyprus Problem – Talks May be Delayed

Cyprus Problem – Talks May be Delayed

President Eroglu believes that the south is trying to delay the Cyprus Talks and that they may not after all start in October. Eroglu’s stance has become quite abrupt and shows that he believes the talks between the two sides have lost momentum and are unlikely to achieve results. However, unlike the south who benefit from the negative impact of stalled Cyprus Talks on the embargoed north, Eroglu is beginning to indicate that the international community should accept that no solution is possible because that is what the south wants.

“Let us sit, discuss and finish it. If we will agree, we will agree. If we cannot agree, let us show to the entire world that we will not be able to agree” and that “the world should accept that an agreement has not been reached until today because of the Greek Cypriots’ lack of will”.

So where does the north go from there? It is all very well for Eroglu to state that the south doesn’t want a settlement and that this benefits them because it isolates the north, but without an alternative it isn’t a stalemate, it’s another victory for the south!

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