North Cyprus Property For Sale | 3-Bed Villa +Annexe | Alsancak | £160,000

North Cyprus Property For Sale | 3-Bed Villa +Annexe | Alsancak | £160,000North Cyprus Property For Sale | 3-Bed Villa +Annexe | Alsancak | £160,000

My good friend Gerard is looking to relocate and for this reason his villa is for sale. Gerard has been in North Cyprus for some years now and, like a lot of us, feels he has outgrown the place. The villa is beautiful as the photos show and will make an ideal home for someone looking for the peace and tranquillity island life can bring. It is very special and has a second dwelling within the grounds which can be used to generate some income by being let, or to house granny. Gerard regrets he cannot supply the granny. Agile and I will be more than willing to reside in the granny flat. Agile is very good at changing taps although he does have a tendency to strip off to do these little jobs. Hey ho, we all have our little foibles, sorry Agile, I couldn’t help noticing.

“Gerard Lee I have a 3 bedroom villa (186 sq.metres internal) (Many wow features) with a Granny Bungalow, (Rentable) 1 1/2 donums approx garden, 12×6 swimming pool Garden shed with workbench 12ft x 9ft.)Fully furnished for sale at £160,000 Fresh water drinking well producing 90 tonnes water daily. Amazing value. No offers as it is already priced to sell. Alsancak, beach side of main road. 0533-842-90-73”

Very importantly, Gerard does have his Kocan.

Details above as supplied by Gerard with contact details. Well worth viewing.

Pauline Read

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