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North Cyprus Property | Karmi/Robb Auction RevisitedWITHOUT PREJUDICE

As you all know I was very much involved in the stopping of the first two Gary Robb Auctions.

By the time number three came around, because of the fact that two of the owners had paid Ms. Ibrahim of CAC to act on their behalf and try to stop this third attempt. As we all know, this last auction went ahead and the properties were sold.

Attempt No.1 – North Cyprus Property Auction Gary Robb Auction Postponed

Attempt No.2 – North Cyprus Property Karmi Robb Auction Revisited

A BLACK day for TRNC….third attempt succeeded in Robb(ing) innocent purchasers – North Cyprus Property Karmi Robb Auction Dirty Deed Done

On Saturday, Cyprus Today visited this tragedy again.

Of course in the history of Gary Robb, a known felon on the run from UK taking refuge in the TRNC and allegedly buying citizenship is the stuff films were made of at Ealing Studios.

This man was allowed to robb people of their life’s savings and he and his fellow shareholder Akan Kursat (Akfinans’s brief) are mentioned in court documents in the UK in connection with money laundering.

There are no ‘rights’ in this case. Everything about it is wrong. The TRNC tax office accepted stamp duty on these contracts, which anyone would see as the Government taking responsibility for them, everyone that is EXCEPT the TRNC Government. The Human Rights of every victim of Gary Robb have been steam rollered and I put it to the TRNC Government, this happened in YOUR country on YOUR watch so instead of useless words and promises of help, let us see some action, and let us see it NOW.

The whole mortgage/memorandum scandal is a national disgrace.

It seems you can obey the law in TRNC, do everything by the book and pay for your judgements and your stamp duty, but do not believe for one second, the law will protect the law abiding….it just does not.

Do not buy in Cyprus…either side of the divide.

Pauline Read

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  • Polly Marples

    This is what happens in a country where the laws are protectionist and outsiders are alwayws
    the losers.