North Cyprus Property | Karmi/Robb Auction ‘Dirty Deed’ Done


North Cyprus Property | Karmi/Robb Auction ‘Dirty Deed’ Done

It would seem that the ‘dirty deed’ is done. The landowner sat with the builder who made a bid for the Karmi/Robb site.

We all remember that the problem started with the landowner getting into bed with that well known felon Garry Robb. It seems like another alliance has been forged. Clearly taking the part-built properties of British expats will not give the landowner one sleepless night. So it seems we must rely on Karma.

One of the owners was sending me messages and photos direct from the Auction. In theory another bid could be made, however to get to the Tapu official’s table where the sealed bids are placed, the bidder would have to run the gauntlet of the builder’s workers who are said to be surrounding the table where the bids are placed. No intimidation there then?

Another sad day for the decent people of north Cyprus. Another good day for the avaricious and greedy. I hope when the property industry is no more, those is power will begin to see why. I somehow doubt it though. The three wise monkeys are alive and well and living in north Cyprus.

North Cyprus Property Market R.I.P.


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