Cyprus Law | Security of Costs Hinder Justice

Cyprus Law | Security of Costs Hinder Justice

It is now a year to the date that I slipped and dislocated my shoulder.  It is a lot better now but not completely back to normal, whatever normal at my age will turn out to be.  It has however got me thinking that in my 69th year, isn’t it time I slowed down and took some ‘me’ time. I spend most of my waking hours either trying to help someone with a problem or writing on the laptop for NCFP, the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus group or the Free Legal Advice in North Cyprus page.  I don’t know if I will continue to feel this way for long but today I do.

This week there is only one court date, my friends have a ‘hearing’ on Tuesday so that the Judge can decide whether or not they have to pay security of costs. Usually only people who live outside the TRNC have to, but the other side have thrown in this little gem, even though my friends rent here (because he has taken their home they paid for), have residency stamps in their passports and have sufficient income to live here. How ironic that the man who caused them to have to rent, is the very same man pushing them to pay security of costs? I can only presume his motivation is to make it financially difficult for them to proceed with their case against him.

You Could Not Make It Up.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read


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