North Cyprus News | Asil Nadir Blames ill Health on Prison

North Cyprus News | Asil Nadir Blames ill Health on PrisonWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus News | Asil Nadir Blames ill Health on Prison

Into every life a little rain must fall….well at this moment in time, it must seem to Mr Asil Nadir, the former Polly Peck mogul and author of his own fate, that it is more than just a drizzle.

Mr Nadir made the decision to return to the UK to clear his name. In the seventh decade of his life, one has to wonder why? He ‘skipped’ the UK in 1993 instead of staying and clearing his name, why on earth should he think that returning so many years later anything had changed? We are often told ‘you cannot run away from your problems’, well maybe you and I cannot, we do not have the money nor do we have a homeland where at that time with no extradition treaty, luxury and a good life awaits us.

Now, Mr Nadir is allegedly being treated for a heart condition in Belmarsh Prison, this condition being attributed to the stress of his trying to clear his name and failing. However, who amongst us, having reached our seventh decade, is in perfect health?

Will the authorities in the UK show some compassion and allow Mr Nadir to spend the rest of his sentence in a Turkish prison, or do they see that as highly unlikely.  Time will tell, and according to the sentence set down by the UK judiciary, Mr Nadir still has nine years of that time to serve although that will be reduced significantly for good behaviour.


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