Akfinans Bank’s Subtle Warning


Akfinans Bank....warning from them

I think we all knew from the day we found out about the fraudulent mortgages put on K5 properties that Akfinans Bank Limited did not do subtle.

When you read their warning from way back, you would think they did nothing wrong. Yet it has been proved they not only knew of our Contracts of Sale, they also knew that the charge was on land that had been built on …NOT JUST LAND.. I doubt they ever thought we would get to know of the Survey they had commissioned in March 2005.


Not a very honourable act on their part.

Then we see a bank employee in the act of breaking and entering into the villa owned by Eva McCluskey on the K5 site.

Bank Bum going through the window.

A bank allowing an employee to commit a crime. This really does not show the bank in a good light.

It seems Akfinans Bank are keen that everyone else obeys the law, but does not set a good example.

Now of course, we have the spectre of their muddying the waters further by transferring my villa into the name of a former Director of the bank, the elusive Mr Mustafa Guner who seems to be ignoring my requests for him to do the right thing. This was a very cynical move on the part of the bank and so obvious. Two frauds do not make a right.

Pauline Read

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