North Cyprus Property Victims | Akfinans Mortgage Survey of Kulaksiz 5

Oh dear, it seems that in the fullness of time, all things are possible. Once Pauline Read knew of the existence of a report commissioned by Akfinans Bank in March 2005, she was determined to obtain a copy. The author of the report when asked for a copy referred her to the Bank. She smiled wryly and asked him, “do you really think they will give me a copy?” He said as they commissioned it, he was not at liberty to give her a copy. Pauline totally understood and respected his position.

So where did she get a copy. Well of course she is not about to reveal that. She finds it amazing how much information makes its way to her. Even sent by those who withhold it from her on occasion. She is fully aware on these occasions she is receiving the ‘bullets’ to fire that they do not have the courage to, she is very selective about which ones she does fire. Of course now Pauline uses other contributors to NCFP to publish for her as she has no wish to receive more Writs. Contributors who are safely domiciled in the U.K. Such is the power of the Bank that she considers this a wise precaution.

As a contributor who is more than happy to write these articles, I find it very strange that this particular piece of very damning evidence was not made available to her to submit to the Attorney General as more evidence to support her complaint against the Bank/Builder and Landowner of criminal conspiracy and fraud. I understand this is now an ongoing investigation and the Attorney General’s office have a Prosecutor investigating as I write.

Back to the report. On the 29 March 2005 the Bank received a written report on the provenance of the land (Tarla) they took as security for the infamous mortgage loan. It clearly shows in this report that there were properties at various stages of build already on the land on that date. The loan of 100,000 lira followed in November 2005 and although I am not cognisant of TRNC mortgage laws, many that are say that by doing so without involving the purchaser/owners and obtaining their consent, the Bank have fallen foul of the mortgage law that goes back to 1978. The old chestnut that having loaned £1600 to this same erstwhile pair in March 2005, never having received a kurus in payment, and then going on to loan 100,000 lira at what can only be described as a usury rate, the Bank compounded their negligence, and gave further credence to the charge laid by Ms Read with the Attorney General’s office.

This is clearly set to run and run without either side backing down. Who is right, that will be decided in the courts. We all have opinions. On one side you have a group of pensioners who paid hard earned money to buy a dream. On the other you have a Bank who seems determined to press on regardless, throwing in some very odd reasons to justify their actions. The age and status of the purchasers should not matter, if they have been subjected to a very calculated fraud, they should receive justice.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

Survey for Akfinans Bank date 29 March 2005

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