K5 v Akfinans Bank | The Never Ending Story

K5 v Akfinans Bank - The Never Ending StoryWITHOUT PREJUDICE

A remark made to me today, made me realise that many think the K5 issue has been settled. It has not.

The decision in K5’s favour of the 4th December 2014 achieved three things.

  1. The Judge ruled that the mortgages were fraudulent.
  2. The Judge order that the Kocans obtained my Akfinans Bank on each property be cancelled and the properties revert back to being on the two original Kocans. 7763 (the one mine is on with some of the other owners) and 7739 (the Kocan the residue of the owners properties are on). This means they will appear on the Land Register as in the name of Yuksel Yilmaz the owner.
  3. The Judge overturned the repossession order given to the bank on the 20th November 2008.

Repossession Order for Akfinans 20th Nov 2008

This is all we achieved and even this could be overturned if the Bank win the Appeal against this decision.

So what does it mean if we win the Appeal?

Well the bank can now ask for the case number 2164/2006 to be heard again but this time we the K5 will take part in the case. There is indeed absolutely no guarantee our presence within the case will change the outcome and if you cast your minds back in May 2008, just before the 6 month deadline for an Appeal, I was granted leave to Appeal against the Repossession Order.

The case number 1-2009(2164/2006) which after many attendances at the High Court was, I was told, thrown out because I did not need two remedies for the same problem. How naïve I was back then.

court case 1-2009 (2164-2006)


There are times in life when you feel something is very wrong. The day I was told my Appeal was thrown out was one of those days and I still believe my ‘gut’ feeling that I was being sold down the river by my own Advocate at the time was correct in my opinion. Subsequent events, and asking for £1000 in costs, reinforced my belief.

So here we are in 2015 going backwards and again my gut is telling me something is very fishy about the attitude to Mr Mustafa Guner’s illegal transfer of my property into his name.

This simple issue of a bank putting fraudulent mortgages on property not available as security is being made complicated and the net winners and beneficiaries of this unnecessary complication are the Advocates. What a surprise….not.

So here I am with NO remedies according to my Advocate. If we win the Appeal I am told I could take action against the bank and/or Mustafa Guner. So the banks duplicity is being given credence and that really makes me suspicious.

My case is the same as the rest of the K5, the bank illegally put mortgages on all the properties. They went a step further and illegally and forcibly took my villa and now live in it. The police refused to act on my behalf and now I am being punished because of the bank’s illegal acts and the police’s refusal to do their duty.

Of course we all know the real reason I am being singled out. I have a big mouth, I won’t lie down and play dead, I will question blackmail, corruption and nepotism wherever I see it and I see it all through this case.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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