North Cyprus Property Victims | Busy Week for Justice Seekers

North Cyprus Property Victims | Busy Week for Justice SeekersWITHOUT PREJUDICE

As we start the run up to Christmas 2014, this week is a very important week for two sets of TRNC property victims.

AGA Development Limited

On the 2nd of December, the case of NCA v Robb began. Many victims of the infamous rogue Gary Robb are looking for a share of the £1.6m intercepted between the TRNC and Thailand some years ago. The case is expected to take 3 days.¹

We await the outcome of this case with interest. Am I surprised that this well known felon is challenging the interception of this money and wants it back….no of course not. Its seems it is okay for him to steal this money from the victims with nothing given to them in return, but to ask for even a little of the money they paid to him back, no he does not see that as his obligation.

What is really significant is the link to the second set of victims. Akan Kursat, fellow shareholder in Aga Development at the time this scam was taking place. A member of the law firm Talat Kursat who received such damning publicity in the Judge’s decision back in March 2012.²

Kalaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited

The connection between the two sets of victims being that the shareholder of Aga is also the Advocate acting for the bank against Kulaksiz 5. You really could not make it up.

Tomorrow, the 4th December, 2014, Kulaksiz 5 will be in Kyrenia court to hear the decision arrived at by Judge Usar. This is the end of the main case, but will almost certainly result in an Appeal to the High Court against the decision by the losing side.

Spare a prayer and a thought for both sets of victims.

Never give up never give in.




Pauline Read

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