Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Decision Day – 4/12/14

k5 v Akfinans Bank - Main CaseWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Although today is by no means the end of the Kulaksiz 5 saga, it is going to give a good indication of what the K5 can expect from the TRNC legal system.

I am beginning to wonder how many of the current members of K5 will have the heart to go all the way to Strasbourg if it becomes necessary. I will, but I cannot blame anyone of the owners who feels that they have just had enough of the stress both financially and physically.

As you all know, two of our number have died and all of the group have suffered stress related ill health.

I have no doubt the bank are already aware of the Judge’s decision, the K5 will however have to wait to find out in court today.

I do not want my villa back, it is now tainted by its current occupiers, squatters in my opinion. What I do want is my money back, all of it. Will I ever get it? God only knows.

Read what was happening back in August 2011 when Judge Usar was quoted by Cyprus Today as saying:

“As a result of the first hearing, the Judge ruled against the Interim Injunction and if my memory serves me well, the Judge in that case made a very similar remark to the remark by Judge Usar on page 5 of Cyprus Today “He said he believed there would be no ‘irreversible harm’ to the defendants if they were evicted as the bank could compensate the Kulaksiz 5 buyers – if they were to win the main case”” ¹

Today, we will find out if we have won the main case.


¹ http://northcyprusfreepress.com/law/north-cyprus-judge-usar-believes-akfinans-bank-will-compensate-k5-victims/

Pauline Read

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