Cyprus Problem | Russia Abandons the South for Turkey

erdogan and putinAfter Russian President Putin’s visit to Turkey it became glaringly obvious that the south was promoting a fantasy that Russia would support them against Turkey in their oil and gas exploration ventures. Ahead of the meeting, Turkey’s press reported Putin as saying:

“neither the Russian state nor the energy ministry are involved in any gas projects in Cyprus. It is up to private companies to deal with the process, if there is one. They need to know that it will be their own responsibility to deal with any crisis and risks there.”

All that the south’s government spokesman, Nicos Christodoulides, would say about the matter was that the Russian embassy had been contacted to establish whether the comments were accurate.

Now let’s see, why would Russia not want to upset Turkey whose trade is worth $35bn and which the two countries want to increase to €100bn by the 2020s, or jeopardise the construction of a nuclear power station in Turkey by Russia, worth €20bn? Against this, the south has just robbed a lot of Russian’s bank accounts. Hard, choice wouldn’t you say?

How about guessing what is being said in the photo below

Cyprus Problem - Russia Abandons the South for Turkey

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1 comment to Cyprus Problem | Russia Abandons the South for Turkey

  • Jerry

    Erdo is making the same mistake Makarios made in the 60s – playing one side off against the other, he’ll end up with neither, Putin doesn’t like Islamic States and the US is getting a bit fed up with it’s Nato “ally”.