NCA v Gary Robb | Whatever Happened to the Money?


NCA v Gary Robb – Whatever Happened to the Money?

I was Googling around using all my favourite names and I decided to Google “National Crime Agency Gary John Robb” and…bingo!

NCA v Gary Robb HC12C03233 – National Crime Agency

23 May 2014 … Before Chief Master Marsh. Wednesday 14th May 2014. BETWEEN: -. THE NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY. Claimant. -and-. GARY JOHN ROBB.

It would seem the law in the UK are dealing with Mr Robb’s victims’ losses in the TRNC, to some extent.  This may well answer some of the questions recently put on the support groups from member victims of Robb’s scam.

I think this case goes a long way to answering the question “what happened to the money intercepted by SOCA between the TRNC and Thailand and why it has not be distributed,” unless I am reading this incorrectly.

This document is in the public domain and available to anyone who looks in the right place.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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