Cyprus Law | Guilty When Proven Guilty?

Deborah Hancox and John LeighFor those who read of the arrest and return of the British fugitives who had been living in north Cyprus, the end of the story may well be of interest to you. Cyprus Today did cover this story as did the British Press. ¹

What is amusing is that a well known senior citizen “journalist” moderator, resident in north Cyprus made some very strange comments about these fugitives, who she apparently had the dubious honour of meeting. Odd she needs to hear their side of the story since I am sure their barrister would have used it in their defence. Clearly the court did not buy the story. This comment from her appeared on a forum

“Yes I bought form them – quite a few things, reasonably priced, and found them lovely people to deal with. Their prices were good and fair. There are those who would say I was sucked in by them, but normally I am pretty perspicacious or there is more to it.

I was told for a fact that they were renting here, and that they did not own the plac e in which they live.d Maybe that was a fib.
I cannot think that a way of ‘hiding’ was to sell at market stalls! I also met her at the doctors when she had been fasting a little too severely during Ramadan and made herself ill.

It is interesting that many people in positions of status (including out here) manage to get work for their companies or those of relatives and earn lots of money out of their positions. Fair tender doe s not seem to apply.

They may have done wrong, but I can thin k of far worse crimes, and maybe it is because it was the NHS and not a private organization, it sounds worse The tale of ‘the poor sick who might have bene treated’ is Daily Mirror style writing. The NHS wastes far more money than that amount fiddled.

I am not justifying what they did – people make mistakes and they will be paying for this. I know of others who have managed to keep money after conducting frauds – these two obviously hav e not.

No I haven’t had an Efes with them, but if they came back I would love to sit and talk to them and hear the story from their point of view – but I doubt that wil happen.

It is very, very sad, but as I say, I found them to be two of the nicest people on the island – or am I just too gullible.?”
November 30 at 4:25pm ·”

This comment has not been edited and is as written.

Are you gullible? Well, I would think because of the decision out of a UK court where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, the answer to your question would be a resounding yes but that is my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the editor or readers of NCFP. ²

On Thursday in Kyrenia court the K5, who really have done nothing wrong, will learn if TRNC justice is even close to UK justice.

Never give in, never give up




Pauline Read

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  • Polly Marples

    Just as well I am already banned from that forum, I would have been sure to make a comment about that comment that would have gotten me banned.

    Hey ho.

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    “Post Re: Remember the 1million pound NHs fraud ?


    Please read the article written by Pauline Read in the “North Cyprus Free Press.”

    You appear to have ruffled her feathers!”

    Or could it be Art dear that Pauline is jut reporting it because like most most people she finds the post somewhat ridiculous?

    As for ruffling Pauline’s feathers, How on earth could could such a ridiculous remark do anything more than make her laugh.