North Cyprus Law | Who is Mustafa Guner?

North Cyprus Law | Who is Mustafa Guner?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

It seems Mr Mustafa Guner is not eager to be recognised and frankly I am not surprised. He has very little to be proud of, he has allegedly colluded with the bank in having my villa transferred into his name in a cynical, if very amateurish move by the bank. If this really were a true sale to someone totally unconnected with the bank, I would feel extremely sorry for the purchaser.

To transfer the fraudulent title and then retain use of the villa for themselves shows just how little regard these people have for the legal system or the rule of law, they not only flout the law, they mock it.

Of course they demonstrated their complete arrogance and lack of respect for the law the night they broke into and took my villa back in July 2010.¹ Then of course, as found by the court in the judgement of the 4th December 2014, respect for due process is very low down on their list of priorities.

What still mystifies me is the readiness to kowtow to these people by not transferring ALL the villas of the litigants into Kocans 7763 and 7793 as ordered by the court in the recent judgement. Who is this man Mustafa Guner that they are tip toeing around him. I have seen some of his friends on facebook, so I know he has a few in high places. I do hope this is NOT the reason my rights are being violated…again.

Never give in, never give up.



Pauline Read

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