North Cyprus Property | Hasan Sungur’s Crystal Ball

North Cyprus Property | Hasan Sungur's Crystal BallAccording to Kibrisli newspaper (01.01.15) Hasan Sungur, chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Real Estate Agents’ Union, believes there will be a surge in property purchases in 2016-17. Not this year, I see. Peering into his crystal ball he sees property price increases as a result of  Europeans selling their property in the South and buying cheaper property on offer in the north. Sungur expects there to be a “golden era” after this year. Perhaps he expects a dramatic drop in prices in the North this year making property there more attractive to sell next year?

Sungur reported that people this year bought houses and residences but there was no demand for plots of land. That would mean cheap land for builders like himself. His statements seems to infer that he expects much the same for the rest of this year. Perhaps he should have stayed quiet, personally I believe his statements are damaging to the sector but then perhaps he wants to force down the prices of property so his members find it easier to sell properties?

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5 comments to North Cyprus Property | Hasan Sungur’s Crystal Ball

  • Polly Marples

    Good grief, I thought he had retired like he was threatening to. This the man who recommended the none existent Resolution Committee to Pauline.

    One major flaw in his ‘golden dawn’, why would people sell in the south to buy in the north? Corruption is rife all over the island. Where are all these mythical buyers of ROC property to come from? Surely their buying of property in the south to free up their money to buy in the north is about as far fetched as sh*t from a dobby horse.

    Do not buy in CYPRUS….north or south.

  • fluter

    As usual, they make it up as they go along, because in their arrogance they think we are all stupid.

  • cyprusishome

    The man lives in cloud cuckoo land!!!! The only people who would want to sell in south and move north would be ones trying to escape the clutches of EU authorities. Also the ageing nature of the British community would indicate that if selling they would be returning to the relative security of the NHS etc.

    What this man forgets is that he and his cronies are the cause of most of the problems in North Cyprus and anyone who is looking to buy just need to look through the recent history of property related issues and find they would be better advised to go elsewhere.

  • Polly Marples

    Yes CIH, clearly Sungur is trying to hog the headlines again. I guess his retirement has been delayed.

    He is talking through his anus.

  • Polly Marples

    It is the old, “if we say it long enough, it will become true” ploy, I remember Mr Tatar
    doing the same, inviting those in the south to buy in the north….yea.

    They do have a lot in common

    More fool you if you fool me once
    More fool me if you fool me twice