Police called after Akfinans Bank employees late night visit to Kulaksiz 5

Tonight, Akfinans plumbed depths, I believed even they would not go to. It reinforced my suspicion that they are criminals trying to wear the cloak of respectability.

At about 7.00 pm. this evening I received a telephone call from my neighbour Bob, informing me that two cars were outside my house at Kulaksiz 5 in Karsiyaka. and the occupants were in my garden looking in through the windows.

Chris, my other half jumped in the car and rushed to Karsiyaka whilst I stayed to make phone calls to the police and other members of Kulaksiz 5 to enlist their support. I telephoned Lapta police just after 7.00 p.m. and please remember that because it is an itegral part of this story, they said they would go to my house in Karsiyaka.

When Chris arrived in Karsiyaka he found two cars, one an Hyundai and one a Citroen C1, I took the numbers of the cars so that this information could be used in the police investigation I expected to be launched. A child approximately 10 years old was standing on the wall and 3 men were coming over the wall as the gates were padlocked. When he asked them who they were and what they were doing on our property one answered that he was The Manager of Akfinans Bank Limited. I had no way of confirming this but when I discovered what they had done, I had no problem in believing what I’d been told. Chris then said, what are you doing here on our property, I want you to call the police, one then said I have already called the police to which Chris replied, lets wait for them then. At this point the Hyundai sped away and the Citroen drove his car at Chris at speed in such a way that it seemed to us that the driver intended to either injure him or even kill him. It was only Chris’s agility that saved him from serious injury or worse.

Inspection revealed that they had forced entry into the house and had removed and replaced the locks on the front and back doors. As they had no Eviction Order and I had not been informed of any legal judgement giving them the right to carry out this crime, they are in fact guilty of breaking and entering. The attack on Chris is also, in our eyes, attempted murder.

Haluk from Ada TV arrived and was appalled that the police had not arrived having been called over an hour and a half previously. He called them and insisted they came. Haluk filmed the changed locks and interviewed me on camera. I was in a state of complete shock, both at the crass behaviour of Akfinans Bank limited and the attempt on Chris’s life. Eventually the police arrived, they took some the details but did not even bother to get out of their vehicle.

Later I visited a friend who, when I said I had signed nothing but had made it clear to the police at the scene of the crime that I wished to press charges against Akfinans Bank, advised me to go to Girne Police Station which we did with a Turkish Cypriot friend. At Girne Police Station the officer got the details up on the computer screen – there was no mention of the attempt to run Chris over. He informed us that we would have to go to Lapta Police Station on Monday to ‘correct’ the police report.

The support given to us at the scene of the crime by our neighbours Dave and Marion who were also witnesses to both crimes was immense. The police did not interview them.

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