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Mr Denktas at auction 6the juneWITHOUT PREJUDICE

A huge thank you to Ipek Ozerim of T Vine for publishing this:

“The bank had taken possession of Pauline Read’s vacant villa in July 2010. Then, in March 2011, three of the bank’s representatives were photographed breaking into the villa of another resident even though they did not possess a warrant or court order for access, and forcibly changed the locks. One of the men was captured as he climbed through the bedroom window of Eva McCluskey, who was in the UK at the time to support her husband through major surgery. “

There are two correction I would make:

My villa was NOT VACANT, it was still in my possession, still had some of my belongings in it and was locked and secured, even the front gate had a padlock on it…..so neither vacant nor indeed abandoned as a member of MNCB described it to me. I corrected him just as I am correcting Ms Ozerim. Because you are not actually in a property at the time of a break in, does not make the crime any less.

empty, unoccupied, unfilled, free, available, not in use, unused, unengaged, uninhabited, untenanted, tenantless, to let, for sale, on the market, abandoned, deserted;
informal; up for grabs “a vacant house”

The second correction is that also, by the time the bank took the villa of Eva McCluskey, her husband was deceased and Eva was in the UK due her own failing health. Although the McCluskey’s had never lived in their villa, it was no more VACANT than mine was. Indeed the court decision of the 4th December means all actions by the bank in taking possession of the villas were illegal, as indeed the auction was.

I was always told to keep the involvement of Mr Taner Erginel to myself but it looks like the identity of our ally is now in the public domain.

Of course the support of the late Ralph Denktas has never been a secret and I personally will always be grateful for all he did for us. Not least his appearance at the now alleged illegal auction.

All publicity is good.

Never give in never give up.



Pauline Read

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6 comments to K5 v Akfinans Bank | More Publicity

  • Polly Marples

    “Trying to document the situation was also perilous for the K5 residents as the bank’s directors, the Kader family, filed nonsense complaints with the police. Cyprus Today columnist İpek Özerim spent an evening at Lapta police station trying to assist Pauline Read over such an incident three years ago. ”

    Oh yes Pauline remembers this well, just one of the many intimidation moves made by the bank towards Pauline and shamefully aided by Lapta Police.

    Pauline recenty received some advice about needing protection….even now.

  • Polly Marples

    The auction that should never have happened if the advocates acting for K5 then had known the law.

  • which raises two questions that really do need answering:-
    If the really knew the law, what the hell were they up to – why didn’t they step in to prevent it?
    If they DIDN’T really know the law, what were they doing pretending to be advocates?

    I think the Bar Council have some questions to answer, as well as the TRNC Central Bank – how did they let this happen and, more importantly, what are they doing about the injustice that has happened on their watch ??

    It seems that “head in the sand” syndrome rules supreme – what a load of crooks they seem to be.

    As for you, Mr Ayhan Arikli of Oray Construction, WHY haven’t you handed over the deeds to my house having had FULL payment from me, TEN years ago ???

  • Polly Marples

    Exactly nigelh, I suspect there is an answer on the existing statute book to most scams, I also suspect a conspiracy of gigantic proportions perpetrated by the builders aided and abetted by the so called legal professionals.

    Corruption of this magnitude can only take place because the rest of the world cannot see what goes on in the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption.

  • cyprusishome

    Polly it is not a case of the world not seeing what is happening, just look at RoC and Spain. In Spain thousands of houses were knocked down because they were illegally built and with no compensation for the buyers. To me it is down to one thing – corruption!

    nigelh asks some very important questions with the most important being- why has the Central Bank not started a major audit of all mortgage lenders. If they argue lack of staff then I am sure Turkish Central Bank would offer support.

    As for nigelh not getting deeds, he is not alone and here the government should step in and force “sellers” to hand them over. Unfortunately the “c” word rears its head again because several of the culprits are in high positions within the country.

  • Polly Marples

    True CIH

    The nepotism has a hand in all things Cypriot (both sides) small population…familial ties and they all support each other in their nefarious ways. Gives a whole new meaning to keeping it in the family.

    However the way the press was sat on by Akfinans Bank shows they wanted their dirty deeds (excuse the pun) to go unreported.