North Cyprus Law | Shame On You North Cyprus!

North Cyprus Law | Shame On You North Cyprus!I personally am so disappointed that the recent victory by the K5 litigants against Akfinans Bank Limited does not appear to extend to me. Of course, when I was told that I too had won, I expected the judgment and the ordering of the kocans to be restored to their original status to include my villa too. How wrong it seems I was.

As you all realise by now I am very suspicious of the way I have been singled out to be the one who has not had her kocan changed back. I understand that my kocan had been changed for a second time, but you do not need to be genius to realise this too was another fraudulent transfer so the excuse that ‘it is complicated’ holds no water.

Having been singled out by the bank for smear campaigns and the issuance of multiple Libel Writs, I am beginning to wonder if the system too is singling me out for more punishment. I wonder if the court will now throw out the many Libel Writs issued by Akfinans Bank, I understand they allegedly number in excess of 16.

Bullying and intimidation is quite common when you know you have done someone a great wrong, and that person dares to fight back, the weapon of trying to demonise the victim and thus make the villain look like the wronged one  is a well used ploy. Let us face it, the bank have the resources to do this very efficiently and no expense has been spared. I wonder what the account holders of the bank make of such behaviour?

Recently someone inboxed me and told me that some Turkish Cypriots hold a grudge and told me I should consider some protection. Strange really, because it brought to mind a visit I had from the Guney brothers who ran Kulaksiz Construction and they did indeed tell me the self same thing, they were quite adamant that I was in danger but not from them.

You may think that to further victimise a woman in her 70th year, whose only wish was to be allowed to live in peace in her chosen country is an act of cowardice and I can find no reason to disagree with you if you do.

The treatment Agile and I have received has contributed in no small way in the deterioration of our health and as you all know, Agile is now very poorly. I cannot absolve the bank or the system of blame for this deterioration. Stress is a killer as many victims who have lost their partners whilst trying to find justice in north Cyprus will attest to.

I am not prepared to use any other property but my own to obtain justice. I want either my villa returned or the £120,000 already assessed PLUS compensation.

This is the 21st century and I believe north Cyprus should realise this and grant me and every other victim of property scams justice.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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5 comments to North Cyprus Law | Shame On You North Cyprus!

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline wants the £120,000 already assessed by the court AND compensation for the stress, compensation for all the fees and legal cost she has paid, all the rent arrears and an apology Or her villa returned to her and compensation.

    She will be waiting, I fear until Hell freezes over for this to happen.

    Talking of Hell, she is quite sure her nemesis’s and their cohorts will spend eternity there.

  • fluter

    Trouble is Polly, there are a number of TCs sulking their hearts out. TCs are very good at that, as I discovered for myself.

    And, TCs never being culpable, they blame Pauline for all their ills.

  • Polly Marples

    All they need is a mirror to see the real culprits. Victims of their own greed.

  • Wallet and Gromit

    Given that they are blood sucking parasites, would they have a reflection?

  • Polly Marples

    Ooh er, never thought of that. Good point.