Greatstone Auction in North Cyprus on 7th May 2017

Greatstone Auction in North Cyprus on 7th May 2017WITHOUT PREJUDICE

“Support needed to fight against Auction of our houses if this goes ahead some people will be evicted from there only home even though they have paid over a £100.000 for their homes.

The Auction will be held on the 07/05/2017 (Sunday) at the Alsancak Sports Club in Alsancak Auction starts at 10am. Please come along and support if you can thankyou”

As you can see the auction we told you about here on North Cyprus Free Press is due to go ahead as above.

Like so many in TRNC, they sought publicity intermittently and kept silent in between- it did them no good, silence is the enemy, it always is and always will be. The only people to benefit from silence is the perpetrators of these frauds.

Mr President what are you going to do about this?

Taken from Cyprus44 “Hi All Yes we paid 100% of our contractrual obligations in May 09 (to help the builders cash flow problems) We asked for our kochan and he …Will it go ahead…well we hope not, but then we fought long and hard to save the properties as Karmi/Robb site, but it did go ahead. Do not expect compassion in north Cyprus…there is none. I hope the owners advocate is trying to at least get a stay of execution until the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank LImited final Appeal outcome is known…if it ever is, six months on and we are still waiting.

If you live in north Cyprus, at least support these people with your presence on the 7th May 2017.

Pauline Read

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