North Cyprus Goverment Promises to Help Olive Grove

North Cyprus Goverment Promises to Help Olive GroveThe leading story in Cyprus Today is that Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş has promised to save the Olive Grove homes!

The Olive Grove homeowners have replied

“Thank you Mr Dentas. You father would be proud, he did everything he could to help us.”

The deputy prime minister says that within a week he hopes to have made progress.

Meanwhile , the head of Koop Bank has said

“We want a friendly agreement that benefits everyone”.

This is a HUGE breakthrough for people whose homes were set to be auctioned on 11th April – 4 days ago our.

The Olive Grove people said that much of the thanks for their progress goes to Emine Colak, the barrister and former government minister who has worked tirelessly for them for several years.

Perhaps an Olive Grove solution could send a positive message that North Cyprus is a safe and fair place to invest after all.

Editor: I’d wait in sending that message until the Olive Grove purchasers have title deeds in their names, otherwise they will be guilty of involving others in the same mess they are in. I’m sure long-time readers of NCFP can remember situations where victims recommended products only to discover that they had been duped and had been used in order to con others.

Tim Smith: The folk of Olive Grove choose to be positive and are confident that Mr Denktaş will keep his promise to help. The courts in North Cyprus have made fair decisions recently and have every indication of being independent and not controlled by the banks, in fact they are holding banks to account for their actions.

Also, the folk in Olive Grove DEEPLY LOVE NORTH CYPRUS. We love how safe it is and what a great place to bring a family.

All we ask is for the deeds of the homes we paid for, and that a government bank is not allowed to auction our homes just because they loaned a builder money AFTER we bought our homes.

Time will tell, but we choose to stay positive.

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6 comments to North Cyprus Goverment Promises to Help Olive Grove

  • Polly Marples

    OH dear…talk to the purchasers of Gary Robb’s Amaranta Valley and ask them just how far the ‘Government sponsored’ initiative has gotten them…lots of promises even still…but not one inch further forward.

    Personally I would be asking the question….why has Serdar Denktas not stepped in to help property scam victims before, do not tell me he has been unaware…his father was very vocal in his support.

    I caution you to wait until ALL property victims have found justice in the TRNC before recommending it is safe to buy in north Cyprus. To do so now would and could be thought to be trying to curry favour, and I promise you, it does not work.

    Unless it is pre ’74 title, there is still the little matter of having bought on Greek owned land …ask the Orams about that.

    DO NOT BUY IN NORTH CYPRUS at present…it is injurious to your health, wealth and well being. Do not risk getting HISS either….it could be fatal

  • Polly Marples

    Kulaksiz 5 could paper the Government building with all the eye catching headlines and promises of help that never bore fruit…be sure this is not just more than lip service before getting too excited and makig recommendations that is it safe to buy in north Cyprus.

    If K5 do win this outstanding Appeal, it will down to THEM and the money they have parted with and NOTHING else.

  • NCFP Admin

    Added Tim Smith’s response to end of article

  • Polly Marples

    Oh well….we shall see …I hope Ti,’s confidence is justified.

    He wants what all property scam victims want…however I won’t hold my breath since blue does not suit me.

    Be interesting to see what the outcome of the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited Appeal is….that is if it is ever given.

    I would be interested to see a list of all these ‘fair’ decisions coming out of the courts in TRNC. I am sure Greatstone and all those who
    are still awaiting justice will take heart from them…..

  • Polly Marples

    Why I will believe it when I see it as far as any promise made.


  • fluter

    Ant there you have it! I told you that you could trust them to do the right thing