The End Of The Road For Lapta Home Owners - Greatstone Auction

North Cyprus Property Victims - Greatstone Re-VisitedWITHOUT PREJUDICE

GREATSTONE – Lapta north Cyprus.

You will recall my bringing this fiasco to your attention on a previous occasion. It seems that buying in north Cyprus is indeed a very risky business and I strongly recommend against it.

More of the Greatstone properties are to be sold at auction on Sunday 12th March 2017 and although the owner and author of this attached resume of her ordeal says it is at a secret location, I believe it will probably be at the coffee shop directly opposite the courts in Girne.

LIke so many, they kept quiet in the hope that this would help them. How many time have I pleaded with fellow property scam victims NOT to do this…it is exactly what all the agents/builders/advocates and the TRNC Government want…zero publicity. How else are they to keep the scam going if the public become aware of it?

Oh dear are they in for a shock if the High Court does find against Kulaksiz in the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited case, still awaiting the Appeal decision from the High Court, some 5 months to the date since it was heard.

I have a lot of chain, some padlocks and I have reconnoitered the TRNC office in London. I may not have piqued the interest of the British media from TRNC, but I can guarantee a recently bereaved, little old lady chaining herself to a Government office in central London will be of interest to them.

Below is a link to precis of what has happened to one Greatstone purchaser, in her own words and for legal reasons we will not publish this account on NCFP but link to where she has uploaded it.

GREATSTONE – Lapta north Cyprus – The Full Story

I know this will not stop the auction on the 12th March, but had I still been there, I would certainly have given it my best shot.

My message to the owners….remember Akfinans Bank Limited did sell and buy the Kulaksiz properties in June 2006 and that auction was found to be fraudulent on the 4th December 2014 by the Lower Court in Girne. Now we are awaiting the judgement following the appeal. So, if you have enough money, a hide like a rhino and you think you might live long enough…you could try fighting them through their courts.

It is too late for me…I am committed or ought to be…. so I say.


Pauline Read

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