Cyprus Today - Sedar Denktas Promises Olive Grove Help


The plight of the home owners at Olive Grove apparently appears in Cyprus

Mr Serdar Denktas is said to have vowed to help the victims at Olive Grove. Perhaps now is the time for the victims at Greatsone in Lapta to enlist his help too. Serdar Denktas the son of the founding father of the TRNC, Mr Rauf Denktas , looks set to take up the mantel of helping property victims too. Although aged and ill, Mr Rauf Denktas worked hard, even attending the K5 auction in his attempt to help property scam victim.

Serdar Denktas is said to be the Deputy Prime Minister and therefore, one would hope in a position to help.

Whilst I do not want to throw brickbats, who remembers former Government officials promising help. This has to be a classic and he was referring to ex pat property victims. This is then Finance Minister promising help.


We must wait and see, but one has to hold on to hope from whatever source.

Never give in, never give up.

Pauline Read

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