Akfinans Bank v K5 | Articles to Get 16 Million Readers?

Akfinans Bank v K5 | Articles to Get 16 Million Readers?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

How interesting, I received this in email form and how splendid if I could really get my message through to an audience of 16 million.

“Message body:
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I am not sure Laetitia really understood the irony in the Corchidactus blog or that the Kulaksiz subject has at least another 500 plus blogs written on the subject of Akfinans’s treatment of innocent purchasers in north Cyprus.


The reason for the blossoming of the mythical Corchidactus was to rally the troops. Word had reached us that allegedly Akfinans Bank Limited intended to illegally repossess some of the remaining villas on Kulaksiz 5. A group of supporters were on a rapid response mission to get there and sit in front of the gates. So the Corchidactus seed was sown and people were ready to respond. As it happens, this action was not necessary, although at that time even the late founding father of the TRNC Mr Rauf Denktas expressed his interest in our project.

Of the 9 petitioners in Kulaksiz 5, 7 have the use of their villas and one who is too ill to protest has been effectively locked out her villa, another illegal act since the bank has never been given leave by a court of law to do this and no court order issued.

Then of course there is my villa illegally broken into and taken and in which a member of the bank owning family now lives, despite the cosmetic and allegedly fraudulent act of transferring it into the name of his father in law by the family member who occupies my villa.

Transferring the title to remove the illegal act farther down the line sounds very like property laundering which is what crooks do with dirty money…money laundering, no accusation, just my personal observation.


Is there anyone in authority in the TRNC Government who gives a damn?

Pauline Read

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7 comments to Akfinans Bank v K5 | Articles to Get 16 Million Readers?

  • Alfie

    Pauline you have said in the past that you have spoken to many TRNC Goverment officials. Why then are they not helping? Surely they want their country to overcome this problem to let the rest of the world see that at least they are trying to resolve this problem. How can foreigners trust buying in a country that looks so currupt?

  • Polly Marples

    Sad fact….many of the politician are friends with the builders and banks and will do nothing to offend their supporters and friends.

    How could any government, for instance have allowed a felon like Gary Robb, known to be on the run from UK for drugs related offences, to be given (sold?) citizenship and be allowed to scam people for years. Rhetorical question.

  • Alfie

    That’s a real shame. Their country will never get back on the property ladder if they don’t try to clean up the system. They must of made millions of pounds out of unsuspecting buyers. I really feel for everyone.

  • Miltiades

    Are you not forgeting something here ?
    The ” country” is NOT recognized worldwide!!!

  • fluter

    So what? What has that to do with the subject matter?

    Constant parrot-fashion repetition of the same bilge.

    Nobody on this forum can possibly have even a small amount of respect for you. Don’t you care about that?

    Presumably not.

  • Polly Marples

    You are right Alfie in that they have made millions of pounds, but not one of them would be patriotic enough to use the money for the betterment of the country…just to swell their personal wealth.

    Why work when you can steal, why be honest when their are not consequences for being a thief.

  • tomsteel

    Pauline, in an attempt to get the thread back on track. There is also an organization called, I think, Causes. You can set up a cause for free and invite anybody to join in. Some of them go viral and cause governments to back-track on subjects such as fracking in Lancs, NHS funding/cuts and firms to offer better conditions for workers or risk losing their customer-base et al. Hope this helps. I am positive thousands of duped buyers here would sign it and the Government could not ignore the world-wide and local indignation expressed.