Corchidactus to bloom on 30th October 2011 in Karşiyaka

There are those amongst you, I know, who think that the ‘corchidactus’ is just a figment of my imagination. Now if I had not grown a second skin since coming to live here, I would be so hurt. For all you doubting Thomas’s and Thomasina’s I have a picture, well two actually, because a Botanist friend of mine heard of our planned outing on the 30th October and sent me pictures from the last blooming five years ago. However due to a mix up in the dark room (I hear alcohol was involved), he is not sure which of these two wonderful specimens is actually the CORCHIDACTUS. He is relying on us to give a photo to prove once and for all which of these two beautiful flowers is the reaL CORCHIDACTUS. Be sure to bring your cameras.

A ramble in the beautiful countryside around Karşiyaka is just what the doctor ordered on a warm October Sunday morning. I am sure the doctor would also approve of you gathering with other keen botanists at the coffee shop in Karşiyaka Square for light refreshments, a coffee, maybe even a cold Efes.

Maybe , for those who feel inclined, we could bow our heads at noon and think personal thoughts in silence for two minutes. Maybe even pray for those about to be thrown out of their homes through no fault of theirs.



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