Akfinans Bank break into Kulaksiz 5 villas and the police intervene

With the ink barely dry on my last article regarding Kulaksiz 5, the very act I predicted happened this afternoon.

Now please bear in mind that Akfinans Bank Limited are aware of a twice delayed Appeal due to the court strikes, their Advocate Akan Kursat is also aware that this action and the ECHR case is pending, yet without waiting for the outcome of the Appeal and very obviously without the necessary court sanctioned approval, they broke into yet another villa at Kulaksiz 5 and changed the locks. Bolstered by the fact that when they broke into my villa, changed the locks, cut off the electricity and tried to run Agile Chris over in the process, the police were less than helpful to us, they thought to repeat their actions.

The police were called, as were four newspapers. On this occasion, the Police agreed it was unlawful and sanctioned the changing back of the locks by the neighbours. A representative from our legal team also attended the scene.

This has to call in to question their actions when they seized my villa which they are now ‘doing up’ with a view to selling. It also has to call into question the actions of the Police, who instead of allowing us to change our locks back, threatened us with arrest if we even walked into our own garden.

The owners were an elderly couple initially, sadly the husband died leaving his widow, who now lives in the U.K. with this horrible situation here forever in her thoughts. They never got to stay in their ‘dream’ home due to the deceased being ill, his illness being exacerbated by this ongoing nightmare.

The owners of nine of the villas are on the Petitions, this includes the owner of the villa broken into this afternoon and me. Akan Kursat has a copy of all our names and is well aware of those who are challenging the legality of the actions of his clients Akfinans Bank Limited.  Clearly Akfinans Bank Limited are feeling very cocky and confident. Clearly Akfinans Bank Limited sought to take advantage of the Court strikes.

Clearly Akfinans Bank Limited expect no challenge when they walk all over the Human Rights of elderly frail pensioners. Why should they, not one person in power has lifted a finger to stop them thus far.

Please be aware Akan Kursat, your clients Akfinans Bank Limited have an obligation to every account holder of their Bank to behave in a lawful manner. To do otherwise is not only unlawful, it is a breach of their trust, they have a right to know that their Bankers are honest law-abiding citizens, why else would they trust them with their money? I am not accusing them of anything, just pointing out the obvious.

Tonight there is a heightened awareness in Democracy Sokak, Karsiyaka. I cannot imagine many of the people still living there will get much sleep. Every sound, every car coming down the street will bring fear to those residents. Ordinary, hard-working pensioners who sought a dream and found a nightmare.

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