Pauline’s Opinion | Keep it in the Family

Pauline's Opinion | Keep it in the Family

Pauline’s Opinion | Keep it in the Family


We read recently of he award made to Gary Wadham and Terry Bushell mentioned in this blog.

I have now been told that indeed all that was awarded to these litigants was £58,000 to be paid to them by the builder Mustafa Kader the builder, who just happens to be the son of the owner of Akfinans Bank Limited.

It is also alleged that an advocate acting for the victims, lifted the injunction on their property thus making it possible for the bank to repossess and sell their property. I must stress this is an allegation only. However it just makes the waters in this case even more murky. The victims say they were unaware of the lifting of the injunction until after the event and at no time were consulted or gave permission for this to be done by their advocate. Another case the police should be looking into…or am I wrong?

How can a court, listen to this case and ignore the fact that there is a familial connection between the borrower and the bank and this being so, see it as anything other than yet another fraud? The bank have profited big time having pocketed from the proceeds of the victim’s property. The victims paid over £250,000 to the builder son of the bank owners, yet all they are awarded is £58,000? Where is the justice in that?

It begs the question, what about the £250,000. What about the further costs of chasing this?

I do not think we, the builder Mustafa Kader or Akfinans Bank Limited have heard the last of this case.

It is now the summer recess in the courts in north Cyprus and they will not reconvene until mid September, except for urgent cases. I guess this probably mean the Appeal date in the Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited will not be issued any time soon. Why am I not surprised.

Pauline Read

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