North Cyprus Property Victims | Lapta Rumour


North Cyprus Property Victims – Lapta Rumour

I am hearing rumours, and I repeat at this stage it is only a rumour, that a recent court decision was made in favour of a landowner on a development in the Lapta area.

The report is that the Judge has ordered the owners of villas on this site to pay a sum thought to be in excess of £160,000 to the landowner.

I am told it is the usual story of a builder reneging on an agreement to pay the landowner for the right to develop, build and sell properties. It seems that the builder has now done the usual ‘runner’. Not unusual for the purchaser of a property to be left ‘holding the baby’. Why is it that the courts are failing to see that this is indeed a Criminal Offence and that the ‘cash cows’ are not the one’s they should be chasing for the money.

If you are one of the owners affected by this and want to name and shame, I’m your girl.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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