North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 3rd October 2020

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 3rd October 2020The North Cyprus News on the front page of the Cyprus Today on 3rd October 2020 is mainly about hotels and governments suing about media posts and articles, an unfortunately regular occurrence in the area. In one case it is being pointed out that if you complain about the standard of a quarantine hotel and the hotel suffers then you’ll be sued. In that case I’d stick to posting anonymously on Tripadvisor.


Libel threats over quarantine posts – Social media users who post false information and insults, or who write with “malicious intent”, about quarantine hotels and centres could face prosecution, a senior MP has warned.

Parliamentary Legal and Political Affairs Committee Head Oğuzhan Hasipoğlu issued the warning after several people posted images and comments slamming quarantine centres. The posts have been made on a number of English language Facebook groups for the TRNC that, collectively, have thousands of members.

Turkey takes legal action against TRNC newspaper – TURKEY has launched legal action against a North Cyprus newspaper over an “ugly” front page story accusing the country of “interference” in the forthcoming TRNC presidential elections. The news story in question was based on comments made by “one of the presidential candidates” during a live TV debate on Tuesday evening, a written statement issued by the Turkish embassy in Lefkoşa said on Thursday. The statement did not name the candidate or the newspaper.

Thousands of uni students unable to start term – due to a lack of flights, sparking fears of further economic harm. The number of inbound flights to North Cyprus, which has already seen its tourism sector decimated this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, is currently limited to just two a day during what would normally be one of Ercan airport’s busiest periods.


Air fares ‘skyrocket’ – fares to the TRNC have “skyrocketed” due to the lack of flights. Only two planes a day are currently allowed to fly to North Cyprus because of coronavirus restrictions, meaning demand has far outstripped supply. Flights on many days are fully booked. Those lucky enough to find a seat have been paying through the nose, with tickets costing as much as 3,148TL for a one-way flight from İstanbul to Ercan with Turkish Airlines. A one-way ticket from London to Ercan with the same airline is currently priced as much as £420.95p per adult.

Covid border restrictions not lifted – COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Greek Cypriot administration on movement across the “Green Line” border between North and South Cyprus have not been lifted, the Economic Organisations’ Platform (EOP) have stressed. The TRNC- based organisation issued a “clarification” late last Friday to an earlier statement they had issued which said the “restrictions” had been lifted, leading some to believe that foreign nationals, such as British citizens, could now cross freely from North to South and back again.

We hope water will start flowing in days, says PM – WATER cuts across the country have increased, with some areas left dry, due to further delays in repairs to the pipeline connecting the TRNC with Turkey. Prime Minister Ersin Tatar told Cyprus Today on Thursday that he hoped the water would start flowing into the Geçitköy reservoir, which is now completely empty, “in days”.

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1 comment to North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today 3rd October 2020

  • Polly Marples

    without prejudice…..Let me hazard a guess…the newspaper that has upset Turkey will be Afrika Gazetesi and the oh so offended candidate…Pauline’s good friend Ersin Tatar of Polly Peck and Akfinans Bank infamy. Just guessing of course.

    Now if my memory serves me well, didn’t Hasipoglu allegedly prepare a contract of sale or 2 in the purchase by Kulaksiz 5 purchasers…a piss poor job it is him. I have no knowledge of the covid quarantine centres so have no opinion….but…would be surprised if they were robust.

    It never ceases to amuse me how the TRNC elite issue libel writs like confetti…purely an intimidatory exercise designed to silence any justified criticism.

    Nothing changes in the TRNC still a puppet state in the palm of Erdogan.