North Cyprus Law | Where is That Man?

North Cyprus Law | Where is That Man?

By: Aoife


North Cyprus Law | Where is That Man?

Where will it all end? It seems now Hak Hukuk (not real) has removed his facebook page and removed himself as admin of North Cyprus Free Legal Advice and removed himself from the Hate Group page as Hak Hukuk and others although Fatma Lone soldiers on as a member and admin. For those who have not realised yet, in my opinion, Mehmet Kaptan Bensen are all the afore mentioned and many more i.d.’s too.

Sadly someone handed a shovel to this troubled man and he just kept digging and digging.

As previously reported in his role as an Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen he took on new clients, accepted their fees upfront, has possession of their legal papers and now cannot be found. His phone is allegedly switched off, he does not answer emails and has abandoned his office in Karakum.

That Hak Hukuk no longer has a facebook page is not a great loss. That I have observed it has happened overnight, he was there yesterday, tells us that he is still active on fb and must therefore be aware of the mess he has left behind in his true persona.

If you are reading this Mr Bensen, get in touch with your clients and arrange for them to collect their legal papers. I do not suppose their is any money left with which you could return their fees but it would be the honourable thing to do.

As far as I am aware only one client has received his paperwork back and that was with help from the Baro Council. It seems from reports being received now, that help has dried up.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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