North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 29th January 2022

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 29th January 2022The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on the 29th January 2022 focuses on North Cyprus adverts that have been appearing in the UK. Greek Cypriots didn’t like it and 150 complained.

ITV HOLIDAY AD ATTACKED – One Greek Cypriot group, called the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, released a statement that read: “We’re appalled to see adverts on ITV promoting holidays to the occupied northern part of Cyprus and we have written to them . . . Would ITV advertise holidays to other occupied territories?” Editor: the answer is yes, they would and they do.

First fuel price rises of 2022 – FUEL prices went up by as much as 1.54TL per litre yesterday, the first increases since December 14. According to the new prices, announced by the Economy and Energy Ministry on Thursday, a litre of 95 octane unleaded has risen from 11.65TL to 12.60TL; 98 octane unleaded from 11.89TL to 12.84TL; euro diesel from 11.23TL to 12.55TL; and kerosene from 11.13TL to 12.67TL. Editor: at 18TL/£1 that’s 70p a litre, half the UK price!

Coalition again as UBP fail to achieve majority – THE TRNC will have another coalition government after the National Unity Party (UBP) failed in its bid to achieve a majority at last Sunday’s early general election.

32 years jail for car boot killer – A MAN who brutally murdered another man in Lefkoşa before dumping his body in the boot of a car and fleeing has been jailed for 32 years.


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