North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 22 January 2022

The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today 22 January 2022 is full of fairly trivial ‘news’. The top of the list is the surprising news that people have lived in North Cyprus for a long time without bothering to learn the language and complained that some of the locals couldn’t understand them. Just imagine if a Turkish Cypriot came to live in the UK and complained that way.


ELDERLY EXPATS ARE ‘SUFFERING IN SILENCE’ –  FOREIGN elderly residents in North Cyprus who cannot access quality care are “suffering in silence” because of language barriers, the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health and the British Residents Society (BRS) have said. Editor: I believe they speak Turkish in North Cyprus.

Snowfall hits the island on coldest day of winter so far – Snow covered parts of Cyprus on Wednesday, as the island experienced its coldest day of the winter so far. Snow was reported on parts of the Five Finger mountain range, and in places such as Girne Boğaz and Doğancı. The Troodos mountains in South Cyprus saw 15cm of snow, as temperatures there plunged to -6C.

TRNC electorate go to polls tomorrow –  VOTERS in North Cyprus will go to the polls tomorrow in the first general election since January 2018.

Covid-19 jabs offered to children aged 5-11 – COVID-19 vaccines will be offered to children aged five to 11 from Monday (January 24) onwards, the Health Ministry announced yesterday. The jabs will initially be given to those with chronic health conditions, as well as the “entire” 1011 age group. Previously the vaccines were only available to people aged 12 and above.

Calls for council to end animal ‘cruelty’ – CALLS have been made for Gönyeli Municipality to end the “savagery” at the Gönyeli dog shelter, where animals were said to have been at risk of drowning during recent heavy rains. The poor conditions were exposed by the Güzelyurt Animal Rights Association, which issued a statement following a recent visit to the shelter.

GCs ‘playing with fire’ – THE Greek Cypriot side is “playing with fire” the foreign ministers of the TRNC and Turkey have warned, after it was reported that South Cyprus had allowed the YPG/PKK terrorist organisation to set up an office there.

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