North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 26th November 2022

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 26th November 2022The North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 26th November 2022 tells us that UK is being racially discriminatory against Turkish speaking Cypriots.


‘END THE RACIAL DISCRIMINATION’ – THE UK government should help end the “racial discrimination of Turkish Cypriots”, a new lobbying campaign has urged. The British Residents Society (BRS) has kicked off its campaign by creating letters that any UK passport holder – BRS member or not – can send to British MPs.

Minister pressed on American use of British bases in Cyprus – A UK minister has been pressed to reveal details about how the United States makes use of the British Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs) in Cyprus. Britain has maintained a military presence on Cyprus as part of a deal to grant it independence in 1960.

‘Record year’ for green turtles in North Cyprus – Spot has launched a campaign calling on the government to match international targets regarding Marine Protected Areas 2022 has been a “record year” for green turtles.


Political Party hit by mass resignations – A FORMER government party has been hit by the resignation of two MPs and 64 party members. MPs Ayşegül Baybars and Jale Refik Rogers announced their resignation from the People’s Party (HP) on Monday. Editor: I’ve only added this because I remember 10 years+ ago People’s Party founder, Kudret Özersay, saying he wanted to end corruption but wasn’t intending entering politics. I laughed.

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