North Cyprus News - Cyprus Today 19th November 2022

The main North Cyprus News on the front page of Cyprus Today on 19th November 2022 is about needing to forget the useless driving test you took in the UK and take a TRNC one where you will be asked to drive while on the phone, eating a kebab with a child on your lap.


DRIVEN UP THE WALL – HOLDERS of foreign driving licences for cars and motorcycles who want to stay in the TRNC must now take driving lessons before they can obtain a TRNC licence, according to new “temporary” regulations. Holders of driving licences from other countries are required to obtain a TRNC driving licence if they plan to stay for long periods.

International row over TRNC ‘observer status’ – AN INTERNATIONAL row has broken out over a decision by the Organisation of Turkic States (OTS) to admit the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an “observer” member.

President condemns flag burning incident – PRESIDENT Ersin Tatar has condemned the burning of TRNC flags during demonstrations held on the Greek Cypriot side of Cyprus organised by the youth branch of the Greek Cypriot far-right party Elam.

Prime Minister denies power cut warnings – PRIME Minister Ünal Üstel has denied that the country could be plunged into darkness after reports earlier in the week claimed there was only one day’s worth of fuel oil left at the Teknecik power station, the TRNC’s main provider of electricity.


One dead, 22 injured in week on the roads – ONE person died and 22 others were injured in 73 accidents that occurred on the TRNC’s roads in the week ending November 13, according to figures released by the police.

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