Oops, 8-wheel tipper tips over!

It is not often you happen on such a scene but today whilst driving home my attention was caught by a lorry lying on its side up a hill on a building site.

The lorry had been about to leave a site laden with 17/18 tonnes of topsoil when it hit a soft spot or trench and over it went. Fortunately the driver was thrown from his seat on the offside into the nearside seat and managed to climb back into his seat and out of the window. He is uninjured.

The lorry however is very poorly. A JCB dug round the lorry to free the wheels and with the aid of two of his mates, JCB 2 and JCB 3, eventually managed to upright the lorry. The lorry, an eight-wheeled tipper, has a badly twisted chassis which, as I write, two of the JCB’s are trying to straighten.

This incident took place on the building site owned by Fikri Terkan where Moonlight Villas and Apartments are being constructed. Health and Safety eat you hearts out!

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