Talat and Akan Kursat name changes confuse the issue

It has been brought to my attention that I may not be being entirely fair and accurate in my reports in the claims made concerning Talat Kursat’s memberships of the English and Republic of Cyprus Bars.

Talat Kursat gained his professional qualifications a year before the official division between North and South Cyprus. Post division a lot of names, especially those of refugees were changed by the government of the north to enable them to keep better records and to account for all Turkish Cypriots. It is possible that Mr. Kursat qualified under his previous name and is using that name for membership of the two Bars. Since he trades as Talat Kursat it would be more transparent if he used his now correct name for memberships, but one has to to temper ones’s censor with sympathy for the reasons the name changes were necessary.

In the case of Akan Kursat, who was born in June 1974, the reasons could be similar although by the time he qualified in 2000, one would have expect he qualified using his new and permanent name.

I am prepared to accept that for whatever reason they are both members of the two Bars and used their old names when gaining and maintaining membership. For this reason, and through these columns, I invite both Akan Kursat and Talat Kursat to furnish me with their previous names so that I can check the validity of these claims and make the necessary apology also through this column, if I am wrong.

Since they advertise these memberships publicly through their website, the public have a right to know. However, it still remains true that, on the basis of their trading names, Akan and Talat Kursat are not members of the English and Republic of Cyprus Bars. That Talat Kursat was not currently ISO9001 certificated remains correct.

Gentlemen, I await your reply.

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