Popular Science News | Mosquitoes Get Round Nets

Popular Science News – the invention of the insecticide soaked bed net saved a million people from death from malaria. Unfortunately, this was relatively short-lived. It seems that the population of mosquitoes that fed at night dropped because they were missing out on food and they were then replaced by mosquitoes that fed earlier in the evening, before their victims went to the safety of their insecticide soaked beds.

It seems that nature has a tendency to get round our attempts to interfere. Take the development of the super-bug. Antibiotics kill all but the strongest bacteria which then find that they are the only bacteria around and so have very favourable breeding grounds and on top of that they are immune to many of the cheap antibiotics in common usage.

Scientists then develop new ways of fighting the survivors of their inventions and at each stage the remaining enemies are more and more difficult to combat. Unfortunately, these new ways have to be even more powerful than the old ways and that brings more potential side-effects which scientists then develop drugs to counteract, and these drugs have side effects…

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