UK Turkish Embassy protest and TRNC Candlelit Vigil on October 4th 2010


Candlelit Vigil

The 4th of October 2010 – the date set when ABAG and all victims of property related scams in North Cyprus will gather outside the Turkish Embassy in London to protest against the TRNC and by association for Turkey allowing these scams to happen on their watch. The start time will be 10.30 a.m. (U.K. time) and finish at 4.30 p.m. (U.K. time). Anyone in Britain at this time who has had problems of this nature, are invited to join them. It could be:

  • Still on Builder’s Electric?
  • Still having to pay through the nose for tankered water?
  • Builder/landowner refusing to transfer title?
  • Builder not finishing building project?
  • Builder/landowner ‘done a runner’ with your money?
  • Auction taken place or proposed?

There are so many reasons for us all to make our feelings known and here is an opportunity. If you are not very mobile, go for a short while, if you are able bodied, stay till the end.

ABAG intend to hand a list of questions in to the Turkish Embassy. Last year they were invited in. If you are not ABAG but have questions or even just a letter, here is your opportunity to hand in your your own grievances. You may not get an answer or any action (ABAG did not last year) but if you keep throwing mud at that wall, eventually some will stick.

ABAG have done their homework. The press and T.V. will be there. This will NOT be a non-event. You will kick yourself if you miss this opportunity to voice your opinion.

There will be a mirror event in the TRNC on the same day. As we are all aware, as foreigners we are not allowed to ‘PROTEST‘ for this reason ours will be a SILENT CANDLELIT VIGIL. Obviously the times will have to be adjusted as a lit candle in daylight somehow does not make a point! We also hope to hand in a letter to the Turkish Embassy so the logistics and timing has yet to be arranged. For those of you living in the TRNC, this action takes courage. Witness the intimidation and actual acts of violence towards me and mine. Despite all this, I will be there, please, if you have any property related grievances, join me.

We are aware that Turkish Cypriots are also being impacted by this disgusting situation, we invite them to join us whichever side of the Mediterranean you are from.

If you care – be there.

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