Cyprus Problem | The ‘Obama Plan’ Will Succeed

Cyprus Problem – The ‘Obama Plan’ Will Succeed

So much is being said about the present Cyprus Talks that it is difficult to separate hopes from realities. It is being said that because so many interested parties want the talks to succeed, then they will. Not the least is the involvement of the Americans to the point where they are even naming the talks the ‘Obama Plan’.

There is too much involved for failure to be accepted, including the island’s economy and the region’s stability. It is being said that if the two Presidents accept whatever document goes to the dual referendums then the two groups voting will also accept it. Conversely, the two Presidents will not allow a document to go to a referendum unless it is highly likely that there will be a positive vote.

So, what becomes important is what is being voted on. How much power over the two constituent states will the federal government have? Who will control the federal government? What will happen if a constituent state ignores the federal government and goes its own way?

In my opinion, the question therefore is not whether there will be a positive vote for the ‘Obama Plan’ but whether what is voted on will be a disaster for Cyprus and the region. Why do I believe this? The reason is that I believe the ‘Obama Plan’ will contain what both sides want and so they cannot fail to vote for it but it won’t be workable in reality.

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