Cyprus Problem | Maraş and Turkish Mainlanders are Safe

Cyprus Problem – Maraş and Turkish Mainlanders are Safe

Kibris newspaper (19.02.14) reports that TRNC President Dervis Eroglu has said that Maraş (Varosha) will not be used as as a confidence building measure and returned prior to a settlement.

“An issue such as giving Varosha does not exist on our agenda. Let the negotiations start. When we come to the give and take stage we will discuss everything there of course and we will share it with the public”.

He also reassured Turkish mainlanders who have been granted TRNC citizenship that:

“You are now citizens of this country. When an agreement is reached everyone who is in the election register will vote as citizen of the TRNC. And automatically they will become citizens of the new partnership state. We will not leave in the street the people after 40 years. We will not say ‘you are not our citizens anymore, gather your belongings and go to Turkey’. There is no power in the world which can impose this to us, because every country is obliged to defend its own people. You are all under the protection of our constitution. The USA cannot say ‘deprive those who came from Turkey from the citizenship and send them back’. Neither Russia nor the Greek Cypriot side can demand such a thing”.

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