World Bank Officials Visit Ercan Airport In North Cyprus

World Bank Officials Visit Ercan Airport In North CyprusAccording to the Turkish Milliyet newspaper (29.02.16) a delegation from the World Bank, which along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is intending to finance a solution to the Cyprus problem, visited Ercan Airport in the north. The delegation was there to see whether the airport will be able to offer international services after a possible solution is reached and possibly even if it is not. The foundations of the airport has been laid by TT Airports and in a statement to Milliyet, Serhat Ozcelik the general director said that it will be offering services for up to nine million passengers a year. He even suggested that the airport is now safer than the Larnaka International Airport.

Gunay Cerkez, owner of Korman Constructions Ltd the contactor of the project, told Milliyet that the new airport will be completed within one year and the size of the terminal building will be increased from 20 thousand square meters to 120 thousand square meters.

This makes me wonder how long it would be before direct flights would start arriving, with a flight time of 4 hours instead of 6 hours. Perhaps as early as Christmas? As long as the north votes ‘yes’ this time there is a possibility of the north entering the EU no matter what the south votes. The international community might decide that now was time to correct the betrayal in 2004, when the north voted yes in the referendum and the south no and they received EU membership and the north was embargoed.

As long as the north looks and acts like an EU member it would be tempting to allow them to join, especially as the EU may be losing some members over the next few years.

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