Who Shall I Vote For? | Vote For Policies Not Personalities

Who Shall I Vote For? | Vote For Policies Not PersonalitiesThe UK General Election takes place on 7th May 2015 and choosing who to vote for is a pain. I’m a voter who has dabbled with Labour and Lib Dem and find myself occasionally agreeing with Tories. I can’t abide UKIP and think that a Green or Independent vote is usually a throw away vote. But now I find myself wondering who I should vote for in the next election in the UK.

That’s when I found the website Vote For Policies. It has a simple message and that it to see which political party policies you agree with. I was just about the read all the policy statements when I came across the survey on the site. All you do is choose the policy areas that interest you, eg Health, Economy and Education, and choose from six policies in each of these areas. At the end you are given a summary of which party’s policies most interest you. In my case – Green 50%, Tory 25% and Labour 25%. That just about sums me up.

Take the survey yourself and find out where your sympathies lie – Vote For Policies Survey.

In the end I think I’ll vote for Al Murray’s FUKP Party

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3 comments to Who Shall I Vote For? | Vote For Policies Not Personalities

  • Gram

    LibDems 50%, Labour 50%; – I’m shocked at myself! However, as I have for many, many years now operated on the principle of not voting FOR any party or candidate, but rather AGAINST…..
    No matter; on the actual day it will no doubt be the normal practice of venting my spleen on whoever has most recently triggered my biases and anger…. 🙂

  • AM

    Oooh dear… 75% Ukip (which i agree with) but 25% BNP ???
    I agreed with the BNP on the Economy im going to take another look ?

  • Ian Edwards

    Malcolm, it really should be the Free United Kingdom Urgently Party…..