Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Appeal to Mr Mustafa Guner

Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Appeal to Mr Mustafa GunerThe following is copied directly from FaceBook and is an attempt to persuade the Facebook Friends of Mustafa Guner to put the title deeds of Pauline Read’s property back into her name. As Pauline has been banned as a ‘friend’ of Mr Guner this is the only way she can bring the issue to his attention.


Dear Friends of Mustafa Guner,

You will all recall seeing coverage of the Kulaksiz 5’s recent victory at the District Court in Kyrenia, when Judge Talat Usar found in favour of the Kulaksiz 5 home owners and indeed, having read all the evidence, found the mortgages put on our homes to be fraudulent.

Of course this judgement is subject to an Appeal by the bank and we anxiously await the outcome of this Appeal. Well the Kulaksiz 5 home owners wait. Akfinans Bank Limited have lodged another case asking for action of the decision to be delayed, knowing full well we will have to dig into our meagre resources to oppose this, even though the Appeal will delay action anyway. The bank are also resuming the eviction proceedings too, knowing of course the outcome of the Appeal will sort this, one way or the other.

Now I come to my villa. What you all may not know is that the bank illegally took my villa in July 2010 and have spent a great deal of money on it and now use it as a weekend retreat. I have always believed the police were complicit in this illegal action, since despite my reporting it, they took no action and even threatened to arrest me if I trespassed in my own garden. It is hardly surprising the bank have CCTV cameras all around my property.

So where does Mr. Guner come into this. It seems the bank have, having obtained separate Kocans for each of the K5 houses on the site, put my villa into the name of your friend and coincidentally a former Director of the bank even though they are the users of it. See the attachment corroborating this Directorship.

Mr Ersin Tatar former Finance Minister. I see you were a Director alongside your friend at that time. I attach no blame to you since you were not to know the lengths the bank would go to at that time. I do however call upon you to persuade your friend to put the villa back into the name of the landowner in line with the Judge’s ruling.

Mr Guner appears to have blocked me from his facebook page but I believe this is a knee jerk reaction

A little like the four police officers who were sent to my home to confiscate my laptop because the system did not like to read the truth about what is happening in this beautiful country to hapless foreigners whose only crime is to want to share paradise with its inhabitants.

Sad, that instead of embracing us as new comers and an asset, we are treated like cash cows. Sad that someone who loves Cyprus should be treated so badly with so many attempts to intimidate me into silence.

So many attempts to silence a little old lady in her 70th year whose only crime is to have bought a property in Cyprus.

One can never blame our friends for our actions, but I do call upon all the friends of Mustafa Guner to talk to him and perhaps help him see, there are two ways of doing things in this world, the wrong way or the right way. Which path will Mr Guner take?

I see Mr Guner has a lot of very respected, high ranking people especially in the UBP party as friends. My aim in this letter is to enlist their help.

Pauline Ann Read” [FaceBook]

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